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  1. You got it all wrong..... thats the Honda salesman delivering a clients new Montesa. No such thing as a company car in those days! LOL
  2. The wiring for my 2007 SY 250 headlight was missing so after studying a wiring diagram for a couple of models I connected it up and at idle it is nice and bright but as I rev the motor the light fades?? Thats supposed to be the other way round, rev and it gets brighter. Its clearly a connection problem but Im not sure where. Any ideas?? Tx TCD
  3. Its been 30 years, and finally I bought a trails bike. Last week a little Scopra SY250 entered my man cave. Ive done a few miles during my time of thrills and spills, from school boy 50cc to enduro and adventure riding. Time for a new challenge. Look forward to riding with you guys. TCD