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  1. It's not copy protection. The DVD is recorded in PAL format. We use the NTSC format in the states. You could try ripping the DVD to .AVI or .MP4 using your computer - it might work. The only sure way to view it is to get a DVD player from the UK or EU.
  2. That's GREAT. We're staying in Redruth from 9-16 Sep. Thanks! Bill
  3. Hello, My wife and I will be visiting Cornwall, from the US, this fall (9-22 Sep). I've tried searching this and other UK Trials websites to see if there is a Trials competition being held in Cornwall during this timeframe; but have not come up with any positive results. Alice and I both ride on and off-road. I'm a MSF DirtBike School and StreetRider Course instructor. I'm trying to convince her that trials would be a fun thing for the two of us to do together - and observing an event for a few hours (or participating in a day of training) during our UK holiday may just do the trick. So, any information on a Trials event or training opportunity in Cornwall during mid-September would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Bill & Alice Jenkins Mojave Trail Riding School