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  1. Who's modified their earth point on 2015 onward bikes ? Where did you go back along the loom to ? What core wire did you use ? Can you post a picture please ? Any one done any worth while mods on 2017 bikes yet ? What have you done ? Regards Ted.
  2. Yes 2stroke 4 stroke that is what they're trying to do I think as they are imposing more and more restrictions on motorcycle manufacturers and users. Continual hassle from the Police with stupid excuses to stop you for any reason they see fit like "safety check". As regards hunting, i've bread some first rate running dogs and done my fair share of freezer filling and not for sport
  3. Oh merde, pas plus de neige ! I'l fait beau solile a ma maison !
  4. Ha ha ha. How's this one. Brand new EVO 2017. Thinks " ah I'll try the maps ". Press once, and press again. " Can't tell any difference ". No wonder, it's not wired into the loom!
  5. That's bloody harsh. Hope you get them back pal.
  6. Check out a pic of Bart Simpsons hair style and you'll get it if you've seen the kick sprag
  7. Dabster,what's your gut feeling? If that was me and i wasn't happy,without a doubt,it would be back where i bought it from,or to GasGas uk weather i knew what was wrong or not.It's a new bike man. Of cource there's the clatter from the clutch support bush and you can see that explained on rising sun imports GasGas Pro clutch strip down and it will go away when the clutch is pulled in.There's no fix,but i think you would know that by now . Lob it in your van,fire it off to Kev at GasGas uk see what he makes of it and take it from there. If there's nowt wrong then you have lost some time and fuel money.If you get there and they say there's a problem then it will have been worth the trip. I've had a new 2013 Pro,noisey. I have a TXT 280 too. Do what you think's right.
  8. Yes,inch perfect is a great place . I thoroughly enjoyed my day there and could feel my confidance growing .Going again soon with my mate as he needs to get that confidance up as he's now got the bug for trials riding.
  9. Agree with you but he lives in Cornwall.Be a bit of a trip wouldn't it. Smashed to bits on rocks ha ha ha, There's worse happens to trials bikes when people who don't care have owned them but i understand where your coming from.
  10. RGH450. If you want to know anything you can't find out through normal channels,speak to Kev at GasGas uk . 01298 766813 What he doesn't know,you can write on a postage stamp. very approachable . You can do either but ,i've removed loads of them and i find it far easier to disassemble by removal of the sump shield. It's easier to man handle. Getting the sump sheild back on after can be really hard work though because they bend like hell so you might have to straighten it somewhat.
  11. Aye,thought about what the instructor told us, and after riding that one, i'd made the dessision when we went out to the river after dinner.
  12. Thats the problem,people don't seem to be bothered untill it's to late.Then you can't shut them up. It's not hard to find that's why i didn't put a link. Maybe Loads of images of trials bikes and sheep would do the trick. Looks like Duke DVD had better stock up on titles like" The last ever Scottish" & BSB 2017 "The Final Chapter"because if people can't be a***d then thats all the motor sport any one will get unless you live in the IOM or NI.
  13. I have come from GasGas and Montesa Honda and got a new Beta. Spent the whole day on a Beta,and it's smooth as silk. Having said that,i used to have a 2013 TXT pro. Aww mate brill to ride. You could ballance the thing on a crusty dog turd it was so easy on it's wheels. Just something about the Beta though. It only excells at two things but they're the two things you can use to great advantage and they are ,balance in a turn and total control of the throttle. Think the Beta is more club rider focused as opposed to the latest GasGas theme which to me seems Expert focused. Unless your a big lad or really excellent or both , don't think you would need a 300. It's your choice though.
  14. Rode none in the last two years through two real reasons. BUT come mid to late April, i'll be on a new bike and riding as many as possible and getting a mate to come along too.
  15. Been on to them about a bike this morning and GasGas just need's it's new rear tyre seating and a clutch master cylinder seal and it's sadly on it's way. I'll be back at work at that time but will keep in touch when your venues are going on and we will come down for a weekend with the misses and nipper. Cheers lads,it was a good crack !