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  1. yeah thats what im going to try and follow, ill just wing it then.
  2. I cant find venue from frodshams site, am I thick? Could anybody give me a decent reference point on google map? much appreciated.
  3. good stuff, i found frodsham very welcoming, practise venues seem rare from what i know, gonna try get upto heritage farm (ST10 postcode) so not mega distance. Injury is a broken wrist so not ideal, just had a second op on it now so should be back on the bike in few weeks. Let us know if you get out for a practise ride and i might get down too.
  4. Dont know Mike no, don't actually know any trials riders in Wigan. iv rode with frodsham a few times so im good there.....just after practice grounds so i can get as much time in on the bike as poss.
  5. good injured at minute but ill be riding back at frodsham soon so no doubt cross paths. Do you ride friends or getting back into it on your own?
  6. Hi, its a 06 125, i had a 99 270 contact previously. iv got a broken wrist at the minute so not even rode the 125.....i bought it off a friend whos been riding on the macc/frodsham trials for as long as iv been born if its good enough for him it should see me reet.
  7. Hi Another rider from the nw. Based in cheadle, stockport, from wigan originally. Just starting up on trials, after years of road riding and track days. My second attempt at starting out so not a total newb probably be about on the frodsam/macc dead easy trials. But this time Im on a gas-gas 125. Looking for places and people around here to practise with (laugh at me falling)