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  1. Hi All, I have purchased a 1978 TY175 that had sat in a garage since the mid 80's and wasn't running. The petrol tank was a solid mass of muck which I cleaned out as well as the carb and the bike started second kick so that was good news. The bike hasn't done many miles, 800, but it has been used for trials I think as the standard mods have been done, oil tank and lights removed etc. These must have been taken off straight after purchase as they are all brand new in a box so my question is, should I restore it back to factory with the lights all back on it or not? I have had the tank resprayed so far and planning on getting the frame powder coated and any parts that require re-chroming done but not sure on what would be best regarding the lights. I have seen that they make a lot of money even for non original parts so advice would be most welcome. I am doing the project purely for something to do as it was my first trials bike as a schoolboy and due to bad knees do not think it would be an option to ride it properly mores the pity.