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  1. I tested the switch which came off the bike originally by putting in a cup with a bit of hot water in it, that particual switch buzzed out so seemed to be working but I did not test the new one which is on the bike now. I will maybe try one of the gas gas ones as suggested. I pulled the hose off the left hand side of the radiator, started the bike for a few secs and some water spewed out, this confirmed that the pump is circulating but maybe not circulating well enough, I then thought that some of the blades could have come off the impellor in the pump so i removed the cover and they were fine, I kicked it over a few times and the impellor rotated. Is there anything else i am missing? This is my first liquid cooled bike so I am not that clued on that side of them. Not going to get a chance to work on the bike for a few weeks but will let you know what happens. I will get a few bits ordered for now. Thanks for your advice guys.
  2. Hi I am having a bit of bother with the radiator fan not coming on, on my 2004 sherco 290. I replaced the otter switch and still no joy, then removed the connectors from the switch and joined the two together, the fan then came on so this confirmed that the fan will actually work and that there is power coming from the flywheel The bike has been taken out on long runs, 2+ hours and it still hasnt come on. The bike has plenty of power throughout the run but I did notice when climbing long steep hills that ther was some water coming out of the radiator overflow pipe, i thought this would probaly due to having too much coolant / expansion from being hot as it didnt seem to be boiling. The only thing I can think of is that the waterpump isn't circulating coolant through the engine properly and that is why the otter switch has not making contact. But I would have thought if this was the case,the bike would have over heated??? Has anybody else had this problem?