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  1. Hi I've been advised to repack the silencer of my Techno, as it is a bit smokey. I got the end off easily, and started taking the old wadding out. It's got some oil in it, but far from saturated. The previous owner was a good mechanic, and everything I've found so far is in good order. So, given that it's pretty clean so far, does it even need repacking? If it does, how hard do I cram it in? Hard as possible, or looser? How loose? Thanks, and sorry if everyone knows this, I couldn't find an answer. Robin
  2. Thanks, that worked fine. Robin
  3. Hi Just bought a rough Beta Techno 250, 1994. It needs all the usual stuff, including fork seals. I have the forks apart, but in neither case can I see how to separate the legs to change the seals. I can't seem to find a manual online for the upside down forks either. In the case of the right(?) leg with no spring, I have all the internals out, and the dust cover and retaining clip off, but the halves don't want to separate. With the left(?) leg with spring, I've got a bit less far. Any help appreciated.