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  1. I’ve been running this ipone oil for many years in trials/Mx/enduro bikes, even my dads vintage Lambretta and Vespas. Never had an engine seize, mains fail, big end fail while using it. Obviously routine maintenance required but ipone is the only 2t I really trust, expensive but top quality stuff (if you can get the strawberry scented 👍)
  2. The owners manual recommends Panolin off road 4t blend 10w/40, whatever that is. As I've never heard of it, let alone know where to get it, I'm going to stick with the putoline.
  3. I've recently bought a '13 EVO 300 and when researching the same question it seems putoline nano trans GP is the way to go. I havnt tried it yet but will be changing to it shortly.
  4. Thanks for all the input gents. I've been to see a beta 300 today and decided to go for that. The sherco was nicer condition but managed to get the beta for a much better price. Thanks again for your help
  5. Thanks for the info
  6. Have you had any issues with the sherco Cabby? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply. It is slightly worrying though. I have searched the forums and the internet but couldn't find much more than occasional issues, they appear to be quiet reliable on the surface of things , is there anything specific I should search for? the reason I'm moving from GG is mines quiet old and tired now and I do need to upgrade. Don't fancy a newer GG (more because of company problems than the bike) so decided on a sherco or beta.
  8. Hi everyone. I am about to finally pull the trigger on a new bike and have been to see a really nice 2015 300. The bike started and rode fine (only rode it briefly) and appears to be clean and well looked after. Having only ever has gasgas' I'm just looking to see if there is anything specific I should be looking for on this model and year? Common faults etc. All the usual things to be checked are spot on, bearings, tyres etc etc. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Done. I hate the EU at the best of times, crap like this confirms it.
  10. A horrible culture that seems to have developed in the states and caught on over here like all good trends. Hopefully the cap on whiplash claims will be the start of the end for the 'blame there's a claim' lot.
  11. Jim Snells tutorials are legendary! I owe that man a beer or 6 for the times he's helped me out Thanks for all your effort Jim!
  12. Thanks a lot. Manger to find some online now from a Talon distributor. Thanks.
  13. Hi. I need to replace the front and rear sprockets as they're long overdue. Only problem is I'm having some trouble finding a rear sprocket. The bike is a 1999 contact 200 (which I believe is actually a 160cc) with a 44 tooth rear sprocket fitted which seems quite large (I'm quite happy with the gearing so would rather not change it if poss), my question is do these sprockets cross over with any other models or makes that will make give me more options? As always advice much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Me and a couple of friends went on an experience day last week and I spent the day on a 4rt. I wasn't sure at first and was planning to swap to a beta evo 250 at lunch time but never did! It all started to make sense shortly after pulling off and now I want one! So mont 4rt would be my choice
  15. I hope stoner comes back to Ducati as wild card! Now that will make some interesting racing