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  1. Airoh Helmet Vents

    I called them and unfortunately they didn’t have any. 🙁
  2. Airoh Helmet Vents

    Anyone know where i can get a rear lower vent for an airoh trr trial helmet? Thanks
  3. Trials in the Costa del Sol

    thank you. Deals in Vertigo's to, bonus.
  4. Trials in the Costa del Sol

    I've been enduro riding in the area around Alhaurain El Grande with ORO and know the terrain is incredible but does anyone know about the local trials scene, clubs, events etc. Cheers Dom
  5. 2017 Santigosa 3 Day

    I think you could be right.
  6. Tong 2017 Cancelled ?

    I watched the qualification section in Spain and found the format entertaining. Seems like the qualifying in Japan was even more exciting, what with Dibs being the only rider to clean and have the fastest time,
  7. Tong 2017 Cancelled ?

    Problem is with the organiser and not the promoter. I'm sure their will be a huge effort going on behind the scenes to ensure the event happens.
  8. 2017 Santigosa 3 Day

    could be one for 2018.
  9. The Vertigo Ursus In Action

    Given that the word Dakar has been associated with the Ursus be great to see a fully blown rally version.
  10. 2014 Montesa?

    I recently heard a saying. (from DJ Denzil's Dad) that its the rider who rides the section not the bike.
  11. 2014 Montesa?

    Not that i get out much to ride mine, but when i do i invariably get someone wanting to buy it. Could be seriously tempted for the repsol version.
  12. Montesa's Future

    It appears that a new 2014 model is being launched next month.Described as completely renovated , not quite sure what that means but sounds positive, we will have to see. As regards Dakar, HRC now has a rally team and a competitive bike which competed in Dakar 2013 and they will be back in 2014. The even better news is their is a very promising British rider, Sam Sunderland in the team. A definite future Dakar winner.
  13. Lol At The Fim

    But you can roll it in glitter.
  14. Scott Winner

    Made up for the lad, he was doing some serious motoring on that gasser.
  15. Trials D Nations- No Dl?

    It's a big pity for Doug and Great Britain that he did not get selected for the Team, his experience and presence alone would surely have been a boost to the confidence of the other Team Members. At least the other Teams will be glad. Never the less good luck to our boys.