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  1. I have a 08 sy250. Great bike. One japanese beats dozen of europeans when it comes to building trouble free machines... Clutch is quite "weird", snappy like some others already mentioned.
  2. how about something like this: those palletts are very useful. couple of load straps for safe attachment and thats about it. you can build as high steps as you want.
  3. here up north (finland) winter is a bit different... and training isn't always so simple and easy. it's not me, just found the video chorus of the song goes something like this: "there that weird man rides again. he claims that he's happy. everybody knows him, the lonely moped man on his way..."
  4. here's a manual for 2008 model... if there's any help...
  5. i prefer my tcx terrains... maybe a bit stiff ancle, but the grip....