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  1. I think it should,but can see why it wont,and for the cost factor bet them rowing boats are not cheap or the carbon push bikes for that matter ?
  2. If you stretch it enough it will go round the Mrs head and under her jaw which cancels out her high frequency whinings,and the holograms really bring out the fire in her eyes, this really improves my quality of life not sure about balance though ,well at least till she gets it off
  3. I was wondering where I could find the results from Sundays Wrexham trial the website is still down,Im still new to this ! ,will they be in the t&mx news if I buy that Cheers in advance
  4. I think 'belts' would be the appropriate word for me one would not fit round.
  5. In my opinion, as a responsible parent, it is acceptable behaviour and you as a spectator should be more aware of your surroundings. Places to practice are few and far between in my area so any chance to do so is usually seized upon if allowed.It saddens me that the world is going this way bureaucracy seems to spoil everthing in the end , Its upsetting that common sense is just not good enough anymore. I have very fond memories of flying round with my mates to watch my Dad at different sections.Maybe it would be better for everyone to get the 'playstation' game then we all will be safer.Again this is just my opinion and I do realise the dangers.
  6. If there is enough meat around the bolt you may get away with helicoiling the crankcase,you can buy a kit that has the correct size drill a selection of helicoil springs a tap and the insert tool you just drill the thread out with the drill to the correct depth and retap it bigger, then insert the helicoil which is like a treaded coil/sleeve to reduce the bolt size back down to origanal.If your unsure you can get it done by a local engineering company I would imagine.
  7. I remember something about removing/disabling the oil pump and running the bike on premixed oil/fuel but that was over 30 years ago on my TY80.I just cant remember whyI think maybe it used to over oil ?
  8. Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself, I have been talked into getting a bike from an old mate seemed a good idea at the time.The last time I rode a trials bike I was 15 over 25 years ago.I used to compete almost every weekend with a bit of success around the North West (UK) area I started in D class on a TY80 eventually ending up on a Cota 200 Montesa following in the bootsteps of my Dad. I have got myself a Beta Evo 290 thought the extra cc would help shift the onboard beer storage vessel I seem to of amassed .I cant believe how things have changed the bikes are so light and responsive the brakes even work ! Its funny how time plays tricks on you in my head I know what I have to do BUT for some reason my body does not agree ! Still Im having a great time and the amount I seem to be picking up or pushing my bike I will soon be trial fit again !