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  1. Yes..You still have to get air into the motor even at idle.. just had a look at the Amal on my 348.. theres easy 4 or 5mm gap on the air cleaner side...
  2. SSA41962

    From the album Cota 348 build

  3. bottomed out ?.. Do you mean stuck down ? just had the same prob with my 77 cota 348... mine had a craked piston on the top of one of the damping rods so I made 2 new ones in acetal.. thinking that was the issue but after reassembleing they still stuck down.... I found in the end it was the plastic/nylon sleeves at the bottom of the damping rods jamming in the stantion when fully compressed.. the fix was to machine the OD down till the fitted in the stantion with out jaming in there.. wonder if the nyon sleeve has swalled up over time.. Another prob I found is the stantion would stick just slightly in the slider for the last 3mm of travel..
  5. Found the prob.. Alloy piston on the top of the damping rod has cracked in two..was cleaning it up and fell on the floor in two... So I will turn up 2 new ones in Acetal "nylon" theres no load on them spring pressure is on the damping rod..
  6. what I'm going to do.. get a block of PVC foam , shape it to fit in the frame air box shape then fiber glass it leaveing the top open... the dig the form out leaving a fiber glass air box. bit of filler , sanding , black paint & it will look like it was ment to be there..
  7. What I will try.. Is clamp the stanction in the lathe chuck to hold it , put the axle bolt though the slider axle hole see if I can rotate it while pulling.. hammering it will be the last option.. Edit.... I got it... twist pull it came out .. couldn't see anything wrong.. now it slides like it never had a prob..damping rod pushed out easy.. I have no idea what the prob was... No dents or bends... just struck another issue while pulling it apart..can't get the swing arm pivit bolt out.. must be rusted in...Get the motor out and cut though the bolt & bushs each side... then turn up some new bushs/internal sleeve & bolt...
  8. reduce the surface area of the pads... cut some away.. cut them so the length is less.. retain the hight so you don't ware groove on the disc...
  9. Ok..not looked to hard in there.. if the bottom bolt holding the damping rods removed wouldn't the stachon/damping rod/piston all slide out as a unit if theres rust stoping the piston moveing inside the stanchon ?
  10. from what tube is out of the slider theres is no visable rust other than very small pits under where the plastic sleeves were between the triple clamps.. the other leg shows no sign of rust...
  11. just started the build on my 348 ,, the right fork leg is stuck 3/4 of the way though it's travel... " locked solid" spring out bottom bolt out theres no way this thing will move.. A bent main is a possability but the top section looks stright so if there is a bend it's down in the botton slider... Any other ideas what could be the prob if its not a bent main tube & how to get it apart ?
  12. Thanks
  13. 3 quick easy options... first see if you can use a longer bolt... there may still be good thread passed the striped thread... assumeing its a 6mm thread.. you can retap the hole for 1/4" bolt... 1/4" is .4mm bigger than 6mm.. use UNC 1/4" thread.. If the holes not to butchered it will work... done it a few times over the years.. see if you can loc-tight small studs in. Maybe combine options 2 & 3...
  14. Can anyone tell me if the 247 & 348 share the same clutch. I know it's a long shot..but hopeing... I'm after a 348 clutch drum . can't find one , but the 247 clutch parts are everywhere..
  15. Hello... I have just bought a cota 348... first trials bike in 20 plus years.. How is the suspention on a trials bike set up ? Sag height %.. unloaded & loaded "with rider weight" The rear shocks are stuffed , So they will be replaced I'm only going to use it in the clubmans class so am looking at a set of Betor shocks , prise is not to over the top.. As I live in NZ I have to take into account exchange rate & shiping cost.. when those are added on cheaps not cheap any more.. Thanks Pete