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  1. What bike is it?
  2. Wow....if Carlsberg did answers to polishing case's thanks for that
  3. You must of seen me ride My SWM has a really light's an early one too without the additional lever under the tank. All springs fitted. Standard plates. Runs new cable biggest difference was using the correct Domino perches and levers. Actuator arm has been lengthened 10mm.
  4. Try Sandifords for parts a quick google will get their number. Decompressor?
  5. I was told that these Monts can start backwards.....I thought that was more a Fantic trick?
  6. But they've not seen me ride
  7. Wow, so much lighter. It wasn't too bad before, compared to some, smooth but my wimpy hand was getting real tired after the last trial, almost couldn't work the clutch it ached so much. It was a real tight trial needing lots of clutch....and being a new to me bike, I was using far too much anyway. Downside....she can be made to slip in 4/5th if you try by dropping clutch with revs up dragging rear brake....but my springs look like the originals so maybe tired? I can live with a that as I don't ride sections in 4th or 5th. Running ATF too and clutch isn't as grabby but will run 10/40 as an ABA test.
  8. Cheers
  9. Well first time out on the Mont' and did really well on her....beat my riding buddy. Comparing the two the Speedy has lots more power, sharper brakes, plush suspension and light progressive clutch, quick chassis, runs consistently with spot on carburation a properly sorted cutting edge bike..... but..... .....the Mont is soft, small, stable and very friendly. We seem to gel instantly. I'm a bit odd in what I like....can't get on with TY175's at all, Fantic 200's too....I like a ploddy engine I guess? I think the Speedy is a far better bike in the right hands, but suited more for a talented rider than myself. A good rider would do better on a Speedy than the Mont.....Mr Below Average suits the Mont more...thats me. Evey the Monty is officially a keeper
  10. Cheers guys
  11. Montesa 247C with Amal mk2 Concentric. Now the bike starts n rides fine but for this odd issue. Even when hot, stop the bike, restart after say a minute and ride off, just off idle and she dies after 10 yards....keep the gas up for say 30 secs longer and ride her on just off idle and she gets thru this and is ok again and will be...until stopped again. It's annoying as it means I either keep her running in the queue for a section or restart her and give her some beans before the section to get over this 'blip'....not good if you have any mechanical sympathy. Now from what I read Amals can be a little quirky. My thoughts are she is running slightly weak but I should add idles good when hot on 2 turns out of air screw....saying that idle speed creeps up as she gets hotter, not by lots though but enough to notice. Worn throttle needle and seat....but wouldn't this cause a rich condition? It's as if she cools down in 30 secs At this point I have not touched the carb', just asking the question. Cheers guys
  12. I just couldn't make sense of the clutch mechanism then it dropped into place
  13. Doh! I think the clutch plates come out out of the driven basket as a no need to pull the whole assembly off?
  14. It would be easier for me if Eastern and other sections used the same colours for routes....I did a trial at Cambridge and ended up getting so lost I rode over and stopped on the observers a five for that as it was 'no stop' In Eastern have from easy to hard orange....white...50/ and I think