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  1. Best Time to Buy a New Bike

    Well I took everyone's advice and bought a bike! Went for a beta evo 250 factory. Have to say I went to Inch Perfect Trials and the service was excellent. I got a good long test ride on a mont and standard evo 250 and the facilities are great. Guys are really knowledgable and the advice was sound. If you fancy a bike and live in the north, get yourself there.
  2. Trials rider on EXC!

    Great edit
  3. I'm looking to purchase a new trials bike (haven't decided which model yet) but wondered when 2018 models tend to be released? From memory it seems to be quarter 3 of the year before. If there a 'best' time of year to buy a bike? I know updates don't tend to be too drastic nowadays, but don't want to invest in a new model, only for a newer one to be released the following week. Thanks
  4. Clutch Sticking

    I’ve started to notice on my 06 290 that when I pull the clutch it does not fully disengage immediately (like the plates are sticking?) and sometimes takes a small rev to free it off. Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and what I should look at first. I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find a similar post. Anyone experienced this before? I’ve been riding around it for the past two trials but it keeps catching me out in sections! Thanks Anthony
  5. Stall Coming Down Hill

    oni nou thanks for the info. I'll have a go at setting the tick over next time I'm out and see if it helps.
  6. Stall Coming Down Hill

    2006 sherco 290
  7. Dunlop Trials Tyre

    Ran a Dunlop rear for the first time today and found it great. I got it because the guy in the shop said the stiffer side wall means you can make it back if you get a flat tyre. Also plenty of grip for the novice routes I use!
  8. Stall Coming Down Hill

    As the title says my bike decided to stall when descending a slope. Clutch was out, in 1st gear and the bike seemed to be engine braking nicely, then it died. Started again fine. Any ideas what the typical cause of this is? My initial thought it the tick over may be too low?
  9. She Likes To Smoke

    Great work Taffe! Excellent pictures. I'll defo have a go at this as the packing is 8 years old! Thanks again.
  10. She Likes To Smoke

    Taffe - sounds like it might be a good option. do you have any pics? Copemech - I've been running with full synthetic at 2% as it states in the manual but sounds like 50:1 is too much oil. I'm a complete beginner so not riding the bike or revving hard. Should I give 80:1 a go based on the riding I do? I know there's LOADS of threads on premix so don't want to get too deep into it! Also a go and blow? I take it you mean a good fast run to get it hot and clean it out? I notice some people at trials giving full revs when stationary or before a big climb, does this achieve the same thing? Thanks again for the advice.
  11. She Likes To Smoke

    So I was out on my 06 2.9 and a fellow rider commented on it being quite smokey from the exhaust. I'd only been riding about 15mins so thought it may still be cold. I carried on and it didn't really clear up. I know you can't split the silencer without having to weld it back together and a replacement ain't cheap. Has anyone had the same problem and will it only be excessive oil in the silencer packing, or could it be something worse? Also I've heard people at trials mentioning about 'clearing it out' but didn't understand what they meant (as you can tell I'm new to this!). Is it just a case of full revs when the engine is warm to clear out any carry over?
  12. Free Trials Training Youtube Clips

    Just want to say I find these videos fantastic. Very informative and good fun. Keep it up!
  13. Premix

    Just wondering what ratio people run ty 250 monos on? Manual says 50:1 or 80:1 depending on brand. Also I was thinking of running fully synthetic if there's any advantages?
  14. Rear Tyre Options

    Nice one thanks for the info. It already has rim locks installed so I'll try an old tubeless tyre that I already have with a tube. Failing that I'll get myself a tube type tyre. Let battle commence!
  15. Rear Tyre Options

    So I bought a new rear tyre for my Ty 250 mono that I'm restoring and bought a tubeless Dunlop. When I took the old tyre off I spotted that it was tube tyre with a tube fitted. So I was wondering... 1) Could I fit a tubeless tyre without a tube? 2) Can I fit a tubeless tyre with a tube inside? 3) How important is the internal rim tape when a tube is installed? The current one looks original! 4) Is an internal rim tape for a tube tyre different to a tubeless? It was also the first time I'd removed a rear tyre. Talk about something putting up a fight!