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  1. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

  2. M49 and M150 look like twins!

    Nice Bulto! I,m heading to California for the first time on Thursday for the March Meet vintage drag races in Bakersfield.
  3. 250 B carb

    Guy, you could try reaching out to these guys at Mid Atlantic vintage trials.They have been selling and setting up OKO carbs on all sorts of different bikes for quite a while and might be able to help you out. http://www.mid-atlantictrials.com/Menu.html
  4. 199B Sherpa Triple Clamps

    I have a 199A that has the old style tapered top clamp. The motor and frame numbers don,t match,but they are only off by five numbers so very close off the assembly line.Kinda make me wonder if it was a factory bista bike because of all of the troubles they were having at that time.
  5. Bultaco Sherpa 159 Restoration

    Top notch job you have done ! She looks great !!
  6. Monday music on Weds!

  7. Boots for ankle support / Helmet

    I know my brother and I have been kicking around the merits of an open face helmet.I came from an enduro/mx backround of riding and he is a green novice to all of it and on our last ride of the year he went over the bars on his Sherpa T and face planted pretty good.I wish that I would have gotten a pic of the other side of his face because it was covered up in a make up bath of ground in mud. I have been looking at Bell mountain bike full face helmets. Ihave watched video of some pretty nasty down hill mountain bike crashes that look worse than anything I,ve done on my trials bike,but they are also on a bicycle,not a two hundred pound twin shock.
  8. Best Twinshock frame geometry/handling wise

    Of the bikes on the list I have a Bultaco 199a and a Ty250a and have been able to ride a KT250 and TL125 in sections. For me the TY is the easiest to ride confidently,but I have pretty limited skills and practice time.
  9. Model 116 Alpina is a tractor

    I think the early model sherpa t 325 also had a different head/squish design than the late model 325 and that the early ones were a bit more of an animal so maybe that could make a difference along with the carb and exhaust if the alpinas shared the same head. I know the later model big bore Alpina also had a different exhaust port height compared to a sherpa t but not sure about the 250. My 199a is deceivingly fast through the woods because it is smooth,but like feetup said,when a get up into 4th gear and spool it up I can run out of enough brakes pretty quick. A bigger carb would maybe give it some more bite but you might run into trouble with the sizing for the boot going to the air box.
  10. Monday music on Weds!

  11. does this make sense...?

    Nice work! She is looking good and glad to see another out in the woods where it should be. Cheers and best wishes for the new year!
  12. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Very nice TL Jim. I have a soft spot for those because it was the first bike I got to ride a lot thanks to my good friend. Looks like you have done some pretty good mods to it. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Need to true my wheels this week.

    I did my first re-spoke job on a set of wheels last year and they turned out okay. I found the best help on youtube watching 3 or 4 different how to videos.