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  1. That is a superb restoration.Hats off to your Father.
  2. Very nice m27 Mark. Of all the Sherpa T,s that model is my favorite. Thanks for showing it.
  3. These look like the stronger aftermarket ones ?
  4. I don,t know who you contacted here in the states,but some contacts that I know of would be - Lynn Mobley Bultaco Classic (Hughs Bultaco) Hogans Cycles
  5. Hi Johnny, That plug looks a bit too lean to me,but I am definitely no expert and I,m sure others will chime in.What are you mixing the oil at? Congrats on scoring such a clean TY.That is a really nice one!
  6. Ossa World has new kick start knuckes.
  7. From what I can tell in the video it does sound good. Mine had the rattle when I first brought it home and it ended up being a loose baffle plate in the rear silencer. Thanks !
  8. Must sound different due to the longer header pipe? Does it sound better,worse or just different? I do love the way my stock 199a sounds.
  9. Hi Larry, My 5 speed manual says 12 foot lbs.
  10. Spotted this on the web while searching google for pics. The owner did some really nice work with a list of mods that include a self made tank that is an inch or two shorter. Pretty cool bike that looks like it works really good. If you are on this site I just want to say nice job!
  11. That doesn,t look too bad.I had a 350 and other than the awkward kick start I really liked it.The only reason I sold it was because pistons were near impossible to get at the time.
  12. Have a look at this one.Pretty darn nice,but I am surprised at what price it is bid up to.