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  1. Thanks for posting that lineaway. I,m guessing that it was David on the red 199.I don,t know him personally but from Larry telling me about him.He sent me a pic of him riding down there last year or maybe the year before.
  2. Nice find! I,m sure after such a long search that it will be a labor of love so it will be fun. Also nice to bring it back to life and keep it from being parted out. They are super rare over here.This is the closest I ever got to getting one,but even that would have been a long shot as I was a third party in the deal and the second fellow would have probably got it first. Have fun and keep us posted.
  3. Thanks steveo.That is quite a compliment and I do appreciate it.I recognise the same in you and if you were ever over here in my neck of the woods you would be welcome to ride any of my bikes. It is nice to be able to share opinions in a civil manner that might be opposed and not be enemies over it,just simply disagree.Something that I,m trying to get better at even though the Scot/Irish in me does rear it,s head now and then(copemech), I am trying. I know that I said that I was not going to read this thread anymore,but hey,I had a notice pop up when I logged in and I had to see what it was about.I,m glad that I did. Cheers mate, Scott
  4. Sorry steveo,but we will have to agree to disagree on that.I respect men of integrity,honesty,grace and class.I see none of these qualities in our new president. He ran his whole campaign on division,fear and hate and I cannot even comprehend how that was not apparent to everyone.I,m not saying that Clinton was great,just stating what I see in Trump. I realize that we all see the world from different perspectives for different reasons.You think I,m wrong and I think that you are and I don,t think either one of us are going to change how we see things so who is to say who is right? I really do not like to argue with people or even go back and forth on who is right or wrong because it can often be a never ending discussion. I think that I should probably quit reading this thread and go back to just motorcycles which is a topic that I never get tired of! Over and out! Scott
  5. WOW!!! I have worked in construction for 32 years.I have worked with quite a few Mexicans and a couple of gay people and guess what,all of them put in a good days work and did not bitch and moan like some of the old white guys I work with now.If you think that the only hard working people in this country are white,straight and christian then you are just plain stupid. I have a nephew who is half Mexican and is gay and is one of the nicest people you could meet.If I,m ever around and some one like you gives that young man grief for being either one I will knock their teeth in!Might get my ass kicked after that but the first one will count. You see,that is how this LIAR of a dirt bag got barely elected,by blaming mine and your troubles on everyone else who are down and out while he takes a **** on his golden toilet in Chump tower.He preaches that he is for us and it,s turning out to be total bull****.Look at all of the news,not just Fox and Breitbart. Ofcourse if you are going to throw people into groups and hate/fear them instead of judging them on an individual basis you are just beyond the reach of rational discussion. I hate to let Trump win by turning this into a us against them argument,but I,m sure as hell not going to stay silent and let the likes of you spew ignorant hate mongering bull**** that can affect people that are dear to me.
  6. Very nice! Should be a great bike.
  7. Of the Spanish bikes a Bultaco would be the easiest to work on and get parts for.That being said I feel more comfortable on my TY250 than I do on my 325 Bultaco in most situations except for any kind of steep climb.Then the Bultaco motor really shines. From what I have read on here the 199 and 199A model Buls have the most linear power delivery with the earlier and later models being a bit more abrupt,but I could be wrong on that.That statement might also apply to the 159 model on up to the 199A.
  8. Thanks to everyone for the kind words.It would make Larry so happy to read them and to know that he had helped others in anyway that he could. It,s just so hard to know that I cannot pick up the phone and tell him about it. At least I know that all of the sections he is riding now are cleans and the sun is shining! Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  9. I hope you are right on that one steveo because I wouldn,t p*** on those two if they were on fire. The same goes for Ryan and Mcconnell and they are aligned with the Koch boys. I really don,t think that I,m wrong about how bad this four years will be,but if I am,which is possible because I have been many times before,I will be the first to come on here and admit it.
  10. It is a proven fact that Trump lies his a@# off and our stupid media gobbles it up while behind the scenes McConnel and Ryan pass there middle class breaking,environmentally damaging agenda paid for and schemed up by Koch brothers.
  11. I received a call this morning that my very good friend Larry Hobkirk (lbhbul) passed away last night after a hard fought battle with cancer. He was 77 years young and without a doubt one of the finest people that I have ever been privileged to call my friend. He was also a very talented and accomplished man.He was a top machinist and ran a large machine shop for Boeing Aircraft for many years.He was an accomplished musician and certified Martin guitar repairman.He was the biggest fan of Bultacos that I have ever met and was a top notch restorer and tuner of trials bikes.Most of all he cherished his family and friends and loved to help who ever he could,a truly good man. He was always willing to help others with their projects and has helped all of his friends keep their bikes in top running order no matter what brand.He had just finished two RL250 trials bikes for another friend last summer. He also made sure to bring me together with other friends across the country who have now become good friends and I consider that he greatest gift to me. We had many conversations on the phone about everything under the sun and it will leave a large empty spot in my life with him gone.I was going to get out to meet him in person this summer.Life goes by much to quick and nothing should be taken for granted.Cherish your family and friends and never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Thanks to all and especially to TC for enabling me to meet him and to vent some of my grief. Scott McKay
  12. This whole administration brings lying to a new level.If you can,t see that then you are not looking for the REAL truth.
  13. I haven,t seen anything on Sam in ages until last night watching "The History of Comedy". Pretty funny bit IMO.i,M not saying that marriage is always a terrible institution,but on certain days this may ring home. and for some of my friends it was weekly.
  14. Thanks David, I might have to look into one of those.A more pleasant tone would be an added benefit.The exhaust note doesn,t sound near as good as the Sherpa T.