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  1. Hi Biff, What bike is your dad racing in the CC events? I,m hoping to make it down to Barbers this year and do the cross country and trials.I,m not sure if I will race vintage on the Ossa or post vintage on the IT.
  2. I would make sure the inner clutch cable is clean and lubed well.Unhook it and make sure it moves freely and check for fraying.If all is good there then pull the right side cover off,take out the clutch actuating arm and clean everything real good,then grease it up and put back together. If those to things don,t help then it could be that the clutch basket has groves wore in it and the plates are not moving smoothly.
  3. Oldjohn, I have a few spare IT175 front wheels(one of my favorite bikes) and would like to use one of those on my 199a.How did you secure the backing plate to the fork? The only other thing that I have not checked out are axle sizes to see if I could get the correct bearings in it for the Sherpa axle.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking maybe put some Betors on front,change gearing,seat and tank,but I kind of figured there was more to it than that. I would like to own a BSA at some point,but not a road bike as I wont street ride anymore. Thanks again.
  5. A friend of mine is selling a 250 BSA in street trim.How much work and money would it take to turn it into a trials mount? Can the frame and engine be used in standard trim?
  6. Inmotion has a new Sherpa T fibreglass over aluminum tank.
  7. It turned out very nice.I have brought a few back from that condition and can appreciate the work that goes into it,many hours of hard elbow grease. The tank looks good and will be hassle free.It is always good to see another one brought back from the dead. Well done!
  8. We also really need Jon Stewart back because even though it was a "fake news" show he told the truth more than any other news station.
  9. There is only one thing that I know for sure and that is BULTACO rules !! Life is way too short to argue over this **** so lets just go ride.
  10. LMAO !
  11. Okay,enough is enough.I can,t even call this moron president.He is just a spoiled wanta be thug/bully.He is trying like hell to kill our free press by claiming anything not favorable to him is fake.He lashes out at the CIA,FBI the press or anyone else who does not say good things about him. If the bad press,leaks or hacks happen to anyone that opposes him then it,s all good.Hell he even asked for Russia to hack and help disrupt our elections.I can see one of the reasons he is such a fan of Russia is that is what he wants here.No free press just praise of him to help stroke his damaged ego. Free press helps keep us free and with this guy eroding any belief in reporting is down right dangerous to this country...just what Russia wants! No it is not okay to beat up a journalist just because he ask you a question that you do not want to answer because you answer will make you look bad.If you can,t handle it then don,t f#@king run for office! As far as I can see/read/hear he has done nothing good yet.His budget proposal wont work.Their health care plan is no better probably worse than what we have and some of his cabinet appointments are unqualified and down right dangerous. The more time we give him to "see how he will do" the more he hurts this country and takes it backwards.
  12. My god man! Is that all you want to end up seeing is Fantics and Majestys,get a Bul,Ossa or Mont! LOL
  13. Well done,beautiful looking Alp !
  14. I,m curious as to what makes Speedy feel like a Rolls compared to the Mont. Is it power delivery,handling,suspension etc. or just a combination of it all. I have never ridden either brand but would love to find a Mont like that. Nice buy!
  15. A good friend of mine cut the rear loop off his 199 for a bit more clearance when swinging a leg over.In his words "got rid of that dang knee knocker". Maybe another reason that some cut them off.?