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  1. 97 JTX 250 Wiring Layout Route

    Hi all, i need a little help a long story short my radiator cracked on my JTX 250 and had to be repaired. I've refitted the radiator but i cant seen to get the wiring routed right and the tank doesn't seem to sit right. So my question is does anyone please have a picture or pictures that you can post of how the wiring harness is routed laid out.
  2. TXT 250 98 Oil Change and other issues

    I have a 97 jtx 250, the first job i did with mine was to change the clutch fluid, mine takes dot 4 brake fluid and then check the adjustment on the lever if your not sure how to do this go on to you tube and search jim snell gas gas video channel. I also run 650 ml of mineral gear oil MTF 94 i think it is. And it also made a big difference on how the clutch behaves. I also run my pre mix at 70ml per 5 liters of fuel. It would also help if you cleaned out the exhaust center box while its leaking and seal the joints hi temp copper based silicone sealant and make sure the o rings are in good shape. Hope this helps some what.
  3. Evans Coolant in Trials Bikes

    it was interesting to see who did and didn't use evans. And the reason why, i know trials is a misers sport by the people ive spoken to since ive been involved with club trials.
  4. Evans Coolant in Trials Bikes

    Just wondered how riders run there gas gas trials bikes on Evans Coolant rather than just antifreeze mix.
  5. Show Your Gas Gas

    Here's my old girl when i picked her up a 97 JTX 250. lots of work later she's looking good and rides brilliantly.
  6. 1997 jtx 250 help

    Thanks for the info thats a five, does anyone have a link to a workshop manual as gas gas themselves only have the parts books.
  7. 1997 jtx 250 help

    cheers for the info, the new cable as now been fitted run up the left of the frame and around the head stock. And everything feels good
  8. Spark Plug..... Help Please

    I had a husky 250 that had the same type of problem, for me it turned out be the ignition coil dying when it got hot and started to breakdown and the bike would die.
  9. 1997 jtx 250 help

    Hi all, i need a little help my new to me gas gas jtx 250 as had a few minor problems. The throttle cable looked to be routed wrong running up the right hand side of the bike and out through the front of the frame with a big loop behind the number board. Can anyone please let know the correct throttle cable route. Also should the correct spark plug should it be a BPR5ES Or a BPR7ES as im getting conflicting information and my old spark plug is unreadable. \Thanks for any help in adavance
  10. 2005 Rev 3 Suspension Problems Help Needed

    Hi all, I've managed to sort out my forks they where sticking at the bottom of the stroke when the forks was compressed. I have stripped them down and cleaned them out, the fork oil was like sludge. So after a good clean out and fork oil change everything seems to be ok. If the rest of my spares turn up I be giving her a try out at the weekend.
  11. Hi all my new to me beta rev 3 250 has a few issues, as anyone had problems with the front forks sticking or just generally locking and not moving. what's the best way to get it sorted I don't mind servicing the forks myself its just a bit of a weird one. Can anyone confirm if the rear shock bearings are BLRB366748AA as i'm struggling to find a good local supplier who has them in stock. Thanks for any help its a appreciated.
  12. Wow Wow Wow! 1994 Beta Techno And Gasgas Jt

    classic 90's tune and a good find on the video.
  13. Beta Rev 3 250 2004 Won't Start

    Have you checked the air boot from the carb to the air box mine had the same type of problem. Mine had dry rotted and split up to the air filter box.
  14. Not The Normal Gear Oil Question

    While doing the maqintenance on my sy 250 i changed the gear oil and while the oil looked fairly fresh, but not knowing when it was last done i changed it anyway. The oil coming out was bright green anyone know what this oil was ?. I always use rock oil products but im just curious as to what the old oil was.
  15. The Beta Clutch Fix

    Ive just done Dan's mod to my Beta Techno And i was amazed on how much glue build up that there was on the fibre plates. And while i was in there i changed the oil for rock oil lite gear oil and the results are great. I can now get neutral and no drag and no jumping when put into gear.