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  1. thank you for the replies, much appreciated
  2. Hi all, is there much of a difference between the pvl and electric world ignitions, is one better at plonking down to nothing without stalling etc. many thanks
  3. thank you for the replies, it was the burton clutch i was thinking about so thats answered my question perfectly.
  4. Hi I am going to replace the clutch on my c15, not sure what with either a alloy one, or maybe a belt driven one. has anyone any experience with the belt drive is it worth the extra £££
  5. Sorry for another daft question,but I've nearly finished the rebuild i wish i hadn't started. have just received a new countershaft sprocket which i ordered specifically for it, it has a shoulder on it.( talon TG375 ) The one i have just taken off hasn't so theres not a lot of threads left for the nut soo frustating, can anyone confirm the talon sprocket is correct, and do i need to get another sprocket spacer.
  6. Thank you for the replies much clearer now think i also need to tighten the nuts a little more looking at the picture mine aren't through very far.
  7. Bit of a stupid question, but when you put the nut securing wire on the mar clutch, do you route the wire through all 5 posts or wire them individually
  8. thank you for posting up pic fantic 200, yours look around the same distance as mine do, still tempted to move them forward a little though.
  9. my fantic 200 i have, has had the footrests lowered and moved back, but for me feels very light on the front in certain situations, what distance from the front axle to the centre of the pegs do most people run much appreciated
  10. Hi basket case thank you for the reply, i will probably have it rechromed be a lot easier i think, not sure how durable a ceramic coating would be.
  11. The front pipe i have for my ossa the previous owner has tried to clean off the chrome to paint it, for what ever reason, has anyone here had theres ceramic coated ? if so was it worth doing. A replacement would be a bit expensive Many thanks
  12. Thank you Stan that would explain why it doesn't work then, if theres a bit missing. Many thanks
  13. Thank you for the reply woody, the ball bearing is in there,the cam on the bottom of the actuating arm has the flat part facing the push rod, it has marks on it unfortunately i have mislaid my manual so i can't cross reference anything
  14. can someone tell me if i have a bit missing on my clutch please, having put the actuating arm in the ignition side cover,bolted the cam on the bottom of it, it doesn't come into contact with the clutch push rod. perils of buying a bike in a box i guess Many thanks
  15. Hello Deryk would like to see more ossa machines if at all possible please