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  1. It's the same with Hungry Hill A great peace of MOD land but the MOD either cancel at the last minute or put the price sky high so most clubs can't afford it. I was told there pulling all trials except the talmag hope that was wrong...
  2. I hope he goes well as it'll be good for him bike and the Brand. Watch this space
  3. I live on the South coast so probably a good 7/8 hour run in my motor home but would love to test the New Bike.
  4. That's a shame there in Scotland as I wouldn't mind Testing the New 2018 300
  5. That's shame as I would buy one of them.
  6. KTM Coming soon
  7. Welcome, I had that same model Great Bike. You won't go wrong with that in the Hampshire Mud 👍
  8. Because there a Grate bike and would do well if they had the right back up and importer. I'd buy another one for sure
  9. I hope they have been sold and that the new owner sorts production and marketing out because they would sell with the right back up/importer. Great Bike
  10. Thats A real shame if thats true about Haven as Vince was dedicated to the brand and really could of put Jotagas on the UK Map with the right factory help..
  11. It Gripped better than my mates 2015 Beta 300 and 2016 Sherco 250.
  12. I had a 2014 300 and what an amazing Bike. The grip was something else in the mud nothing else cames close. It had all the power I need with being super soft off the bottom and on the tight bits. I wanted a newer one but struggle to find one which was a shame. One of BEST bikes out there....
  13. My 2017 doesn't seem to have any breather pipe in the Airbox neiter.. Isn't that hole where the battery model bikes loom ran??
  14. I wonder if different Pegs would help only a thought tho.
  15. Why have they made it so had to change the maps? What was wrong with the button system? I love my mapping switch, the only thing I would of sorted is when its turned off it going back to map 1 not staying on the map you had it set to but what do I know..