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  1. Sherpa Brake Springs

    That's Great Thanks all fitted.
  2. Sherpa Brake Springs

    Hello Feetupfun. There the springs that go on the outside to help the cam arms to return. These are the springs. I'm not sure which hub is a 1978 325 if that helps Many thanks
  3. Sherpa Brake Springs

    I've just bought a pair of brake springs for my sherpa that help the arms return but cant seem to see how they go? There's a longer one is that for the front or the back? Many thanks
  4. 325 gear oil

    Thanks Woody thats Great. I'm changing the clutch to a Fibre plate one because I was told you get better feel as I'm struggling if I have to touch it. Would you know what the clutch is like to change? I've done road bike ones. Many thanks
  5. 325 gear oil

    Hello all. I'm new to twinshocks and need some help. I have a Bultaco 325 which I think is a 1978. I'm going to change the clutch and change the oils. I've been told there is a clutch/primary oil and then a gearbox oil? Could anyone tell me what oil to use in both and how much it takes. Many thanks
  6. 2018 Jotagas????

    Nice looking Bike. Hope Border Bikes do well and sell some. It's a hell of a bike for under 5k
  7. Goodwin Shield Pre 67 Trial - Cancelled

    It's the same with Hungry Hill A great peace of MOD land but the MOD either cancel at the last minute or put the price sky high so most clubs can't afford it. I was told there pulling all trials except the talmag hope that was wrong...
  8. Noguera gone to Jotagas

    I hope he goes well as it'll be good for him bike and the Brand. Watch this space
  9. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    I live on the South coast so probably a good 7/8 hour run in my motor home but would love to test the New Bike.
  10. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    That's a shame there in Scotland as I wouldn't mind Testing the New 2018 300
  11. Ktm Trial Bike

    That's shame as I would buy one of them.
  12. Ktm Trial Bike

    KTM Coming soon
  13. Hello from Hampshire

    Welcome, I had that same model Great Bike. You won't go wrong with that in the Hampshire Mud 👍
  14. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    Because there a Grate bike and would do well if they had the right back up and importer. I'd buy another one for sure
  15. Why isn’t everyone riding Jotagas??

    I hope they have been sold and that the new owner sorts production and marketing out because they would sell with the right back up/importer. Great Bike