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  1. Easy with 303 rim...but gold. Spokes 3 mm shorter on frt and rear. Rim tapes hard to find now though...
  2. As furse says, i dont think it needs a headstock change but yes yes do look at the footrests. If you wanna keep the same position do so but i lower and move about 3 and 3 cm. Most important, and my reason for getting a grinder out..the footrest mounts if standard will more than likely be cracked...unless its been in a museum. Maybe the cracks are only visible if you sand blast the bracklets but I would not wanna take the rist with standard bracklets unchecked
  3. Yes it is a straight swap. Most find usd forks bad.... I dont think people will understand why you want to do this. If you sell the 245 forks, you can take a cruise on the cash....
  4. No, it will not fit. Grib is right but the primary drive wont fit the 240 crank. 240 lhs bearing is oiled from gearbox. Like gas gas pro.
  5. i am working on this engine now. What mains and gearbox bearings do you use? I think mains are 6304 c3? Do you use steel or plastic cages? What about gearbox bearings? Number? Also C3?
  6. Black is ground, red is coil and green is trigger coil. Black to red is 450 to 800 ohms. Green to black is 40-80 ohms. Black to ground should be zero
  7. Black is ground, red is coil and green is trigger coil. Black to red is 450 to 800 ohms. Green to black is 40-80 ohms. Black to ground should be zero
  8. Orange is power for lights...ignore
  9. 340 is deffo cool and then pay 60 quid for custom grafics to SHOW what you did...rides then MUCH better.. 249 maybe too much of a good thing? Depends what you want. IOan Baker had a 300 with 241 motor and loved it. He fitted with a 300 pipe choose L
  10. 32005 5 quiud on evilbay
  11. Hi Glenn, as Doug wrote, I spend more time on facebook than here... sorry if you missed me but I see that you got the answer from Peter and from Bas! Yes Peter she is lovely...keeps me busy as does her Mum!!! Theres just so much Tattoo to look at!!! Glenn, Did you buy a 300 or putting a 249 motor in the 240? I think you have my mail address if you need to contact me directly? I am in the US in June, if you need me to bring anything just let me know! cheers ที่กำบัง แฮร์ริส actually says Lee Harris! but sanscript!
  12. Right..I need some help...a friend of mine here is looking for RTL Honda parts. He needs and airbox to carby rubber hose, and the longest pivot bushing on the lower shock linkage. Where to ask in Europe for RTL spares. Its a 1987 by the way. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Probably not. The 201 had either the 125 ignition from dansi or motoplatt. Only very few had a ducatic. Pm me dixie or on fb if you need help finding a stator to fit! Lee
  14. My question also. And no, it is not obvious. Why was he excluded. If you know dbf, please enlighten us. If you dont know, why write such crap? Update: thanks for the explanation, question answered
  15. Which was excluded and why?