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  1. I really wish i had a indoor place like this somewhere near me, it would be so good to be able to practice no matter what the weather is like
  2. Where do you get these made??
  3. I think that you are getting it now, it looks a lot more smoother and the bash plate is clearing quite obviously now. Keep up us updated with the progress mate!
  4. Nope, im still at it haha
  5. Hey guys! So i have recently got a 290cc Beta Evo, 2011. I was wandering if i can enter trials with it as i am only 16? If the answer is yes than can anyone suggest somewhere within the North West that holds a good trials with novice/intermediate routes available?
  6. How long has it taken them to build that bike?? And oh no, you better get some barbed wire!!
  7. Yeah don't forget to get loads of pics for us!!
  8. Is he doing the trial as well? Thats great that you are bringing your son into the wondeful world of trials!! :D
  9. That is ridiculous! How can this bike take so long? i could have delivered it to you by now!!
  10. Wow, might have to add this to mine, looks fine once on to be fair
  11. How long will that take you??
  12. Where is the trial at??
  13. You guys are too funny!
  14. Hahaha, zippy those are too funny! Mokwepa, i think it is the best way to learn by watching yourself in slow motion you can really see what you are doing wrong however actually improving even though you know what is going wrong is still pretty hard hahaha
  15. I also use putoline light gear oil and change it around every 4 rides or so, it seems to do the job perfectly!