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  1. GasGas 280cc flywheel weight

    Ah right. Wasnt entirely sure how it affected the bike. Will try it. Thanks.
  2. GasGas 280cc flywheel weight

    Recently bought a 2011 gasgas txt pro 280cc bike but is has come with a weighted flywheel. Never had a 280 before (previous was 300) and been told that without the weight it is too 'snappy' at the slow stuff. Anyone any ideas as to wether i should take it off?
  3. Team Wgasa Winter Training 2014

    I really wish i had a indoor place like this somewhere near me, it would be so good to be able to practice no matter what the weather is like
  4. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Where do you get these made??
  5. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    I think that you are getting it now, it looks a lot more smoother and the bash plate is clearing quite obviously now. Keep up us updated with the progress mate!
  6. Betaboy- Progress To Be Made!

    Nope, im still at it haha
  7. Trials In The North West

    Hey guys! So i have recently got a 290cc Beta Evo, 2011. I was wandering if i can enter trials with it as i am only 16? If the answer is yes than can anyone suggest somewhere within the North West that holds a good trials with novice/intermediate routes available?
  8. Bruno Ceriotti, Argentinian Trials Chronicles.

    How long has it taken them to build that bike?? And oh no, you better get some barbed wire!!
  9. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Yeah don't forget to get loads of pics for us!!
  10. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Is he doing the trial as well? Thats great that you are bringing your son into the wondeful world of trials!! :D
  11. Bruno Ceriotti, Argentinian Trials Chronicles.

    That is ridiculous! How can this bike take so long? i could have delivered it to you by now!!
  12. Diy Fork Guards.

    Wow, might have to add this to mine, looks fine once on to be fair
  13. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    How long will that take you??
  14. Mokwepa - My Progress :)

    Where is the trial at??
  15. My Favourite Vid - Sa Boyz

    You guys are too funny!