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  2. glad you thought so! your edited post makes sense now.
  3. a 3/8th pop rivet??
  4. you cooked it. running weak at higher throttle openings. your tittle answered your own question.
  5. Also AMCA.
  6. Glad I am this side of the border, not yours.
  7. Rear tyres only go straight. Front tyres go left, hard left, straight, right, hard right. That's when they get pushed off the rim at low pressures.
  8. You want Spanish and have a decent budget, has to be Vasquez Bultaco.
  9. After four, but before six!
  10. If you scroll down a whole eight topics below this one, you might find what you are looking for.
  11. oven cleaners eat alloys.
  12. I have had same running problems caused by stale fuel. float level should be 4.33 to 6.35mm below top of float chamber. check if the carb has a pilot bush fitted. these are equal to a 25 pilot jet. a smaller pilot jet will work as it should, but going larger than 25 will not. the bush is visible behind the pilot adjusting screw. if you need to go larger drill through with 2mm drill.
  13. You wont get a lot of oil out the engine, its a TWO STROKE
  14. The lists that are available have big gaps in the data, but B560... is listed as 1976. like cleanorbust says, most were registered for the road. Get the frame HPI checked out by someone in the motor trade. hopefully you can get the original number back. (the dvla aren't very helpful with frame numbers)
  15. pictures would be best, the frame number lists are notorious for missing numbers and gaps. Is the engine number the same? on front right engine mount. as parts fit from mark1 mar through to even some gripper parts, there is a lot of usable but mix and matched bikes.