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  1. Loosen the yolks and compress a few times. re-tighten without twisting.Infact loosen everything,wheel,mudguard etc.
  2. Become a proper paid up member and there is no limit. A whole £10 per annum.
  3. damn, thats ugly!!
  4. when I bought my first one brand new in 1974 it had individual split pins, not wire. I don't bother with anything, not had one come loose, but bound to get replies saying different now.
  5. Does not seem a problem, the clip holds the needle, not the slide.The centre hole needs to be big enough for the cable, with its nipple, to pass through. If the carb is worn out, that is a different issue.
  7. glad you thought so! your edited post makes sense now.
  8. a 3/8th pop rivet??
  9. you cooked it. running weak at higher throttle openings. your tittle answered your own question.
  10. Also AMCA.
  11. Glad I am this side of the border, not yours.
  12. Rear tyres only go straight. Front tyres go left, hard left, straight, right, hard right. That's when they get pushed off the rim at low pressures.
  13. You want Spanish and have a decent budget, has to be Vasquez Bultaco.
  14. After four, but before six!
  15. If you scroll down a whole eight topics below this one, you might find what you are looking for.