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  1. M91 Sherpa clutch

    Leave out one of the plates. Someone else will chime in soon I reckon.
  2. Alpina Wiring Question

    Have a look for a Podtronics brand rectifier , 120 watt. So ac in , yellow and green -dc out to a battery, from there all wiring can be dc to headlight, tail / stop light. All this wiring and light assemblies has to be "above earth" that is no metal fixing onto frame or guards. The reason is the frame is "live ac" and you can't introduce "dc negative " to the frame as well. Now thinking cap on -- the horn will be ac and operates from power off the yellow wire to the horn then earthed out via button on the bars which are earthed to magneto green wire. Kill button is ac also, connect black wire off coil through kill button to the bars. When pushed it earths the ignition to the frame and engine shuts down. Let us know how you go.
  3. Old Bultaco

    Use nylon cable ties to hold the rings in place, insert piston into barrel and cut as the piston travels up into the bore.
  4. Matador Anorak question

    Hello, the originals would have been a design of solid Perspex type of plastic, these days I would think the alternative would be the soft ones about 50 mm ?? In diameter.
  5. You should have a black wire running to the ht coil, connect the kill switch to this wire and the contact will earth out to the bars , engine will stop. The other colours will be green, that is an earth wire so install a cable lug and ground it by using the ht coil mounting bolts. Next wire should be a yellow , that is the lighting circuit feed. Hope this helps.
  6. Alpina 85 Wiring

    Hey Mark, I've sent a diagram to you a few times, have you received it yet? Cheers
  7. Alpina 85 Wiring

    Send me your email address and I'll send an easy diagram to follow. Cheers
  8. Joined The Bultaco Club

    I know this site overall is focused on trials and obviously Bultaco in this section, but do any of you blokes own any other Bullies. To tell my tragic tale, a Matador mk5, a El Montadero Mk 2-- both fully restored, a Metralla M23 which I have kept original, along with an El Bandido 360 model 18, ready to race which I don't( too old). Also a couple of rolling wrecks, Alpina and Mk5 Matador. Pretty sad tale isn't it!!!
  9. Clutch Casing Warped

    Place your gasket paper(of choice) on a flat surface, apply a smear of yamabond to the edge of your case cover then place it onto the paper.Leave it for a day then run a really sharp razor type knife around the case edge. Once done, use a long drill bit and drill through the various screw holes ,use timber as a base , ream these holes out on the reverse side with an oversize drill bit, by hand. Then use your knife to trim the gasket paper on the inside of case. I've used this method to make crankcase gaskets with manilla office folders, no problems if you use a quality sealant in conjunction. Yes cereal box can be used for base gaskets, I've committed that sin also.
  10. Old Bultaco

    You'll be able to run lights off that set up, not too sure about that terminal block though, I've never seen that type before. Send me a PM and I'll flick you a simple wiring diagram if needed. Martin
  11. Old Bultaco

    RE; the broken gear , maybe talk to Nova Engineering in the UK, they make 6 speed transmissions to retro fit to Bultacos. Do not have a contact number.
  12. fitting lights

    The original setup using the voltage regulator did use a brake light switch that had a normally closed contact, it opened when brake lever was operated.Bultaco wiring diagrams can be frustrating,I have a PDF copy of my own design if anyone is interested. Send me your email request to, mwe@optusnet.com.au Martin
  13. Ignition Stator Plate

    The red wire that is found on some stator plates is a secondary lighting power supply feed. Example --split the rear tail/stop light to this wire and therefore more wattage is available to run the headlight.
  14. El Montadero How Do You Adjust Shift Lever

    I have a fact sheet on how to do this,without the info it's very challenging as I found out rebuilding mine,send me an email address.MARTIN