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  1. Montesa Cota 247

    Ok. I have to ask what manual is that in the picture? It actually looks helpful compared to the exploded parts diagrams we have. Thanks.
  2. Montesa Cota 247

    Here’s a note from a rare guide on assembly of the 349 engine. Can anyone out there please paraphrase step no.11?
  3. Montesa Cota 247

    Greetings Oldaz. Here is the 349 set up. Maybe this will help. Keep us posted on what you do to arm the spring. We will need to do the same soon we hope Perhaps posting a picture will help solve the issue.
  4. Montesa Cota 247

    Superb. Nice to have a lathe. I need to look through the bin of parts to see how our pushers etc. are. Did you happen to get some PCs? Thanks for the info.
  5. Montesa Cota 247

    What sort of refurbish work on pushers did you do? thanks.
  6. Montesa Cota 247

    Nice work. Keep us posted.
  7. Montesa Cota 247

    Thank you fellows. Will keep looking into the matter and play around more with it in a few days. If in the meanwhile you happen to come across and info please pass it along.
  8. Montesa Cota 247

    Thank you. The spring and flat washer are for sure for the left side of the hub. Look forward to your response.
  9. Montesa Cota 247

    Here’s what we have in the picture. Not sure of the fitment order since bike arrived in parts. We believe we may be missing something. In the photo the speedo tangs’ plate is backwards. The spacer in question we are unsure of its proper location.
  10. Montesa 349 mh front wheel hub help!

    Our bike is 1980 51M.
  11. Montesa 349 mh front wheel hub help!

    Hi fellows. We are in the same predicament. As the bike arrived in a parts we are having a hard time figuring out the correct spacer, washer order combo on the front hub. We also have a speedo to fit. Any pictures or diagrams would be great. The parts Manual we have is not too accurate. Thanks.
  12. Montesa Cota 247

    Hi Oldaz. As the motor is being worked on in the shop we are turning our attention to the clutch and frame. I got the clutch apart. Looks ok but its bearing is being replaced. Can you do me a huge favor and take some pictures of the front hubs? The bike came in parts and we are unsure of the collar and washer locations. We have a speedo too. That would be great. And thank you. Patrick
  13. 349 Clutch Basket Rebuild

    Clutch apart. Bearing being replaced. Clutch plates look very grooved. Not sure if this is acceptable and can't find any specs. So how do these look?
  14. 349 Clutch Basket Rebuild

    Great tool fabrication. Thank you. If I understand correctly one must remove first the small Friction Disk Spring retainer clips prior to compressing the plate enough to pull out the pins? Gracias!
  15. 349 Clutch Basket Rebuild

    Hi Fellows. Our 349 has a clutch in need of attention and need to check the plates' condition etc. First concern is on how to remove the 3 or 4 retaining clips on the outside of the plates without damaging them? And is this preventing the removal of the gear section on rear of basket? Next it seems very difficult to press the plates enough to be able to remove the pins. Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, what are the wear tolerances on the plates and signs of excess wear. Thank you. Here is a picture of the basket and note the little retainer clip.