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  1. Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Interesting fork gaiters, how do they work?
  2. Kia Twinshock Trials

    Great day out, a lot of walking, which is fine on a glorious day in the countryside. A big thank you to the land owner I would say, to allow a couple of hundred old trials bike to ride around all day. Some pretty amazing skills by some on those old bikes, looked very enjoyable. Well turned out machines for the most part, a few ratty bikes, but as a rule some very nice bikes. Never saw a single Montesa and only two or three Bultacos, loads of Fantics, Yamahas and TLR’s, which seem to be the most popular bikes. The air cooled mono’s with the right rider easily out performed the twin shock bikes from what I saw. Some riders must get a bit fed up with others in the way, some inconsiderate riders looking at the sections whilst others are trying to navigate their way through, I suppose there’s a mixture of all sorts as in life. So now I’ve, sort of, sussed it out, how it all seems to work I need to get the Bultaco finished off and myself out there. See you next time from the saddle then, (Or lying upside down in a pool of mud). Took a few random photos, here’s a couple.
  3. How Do You Change A Tyre?

    No reason, it's just easier
  4. How Do You Change A Tyre?

    You only use the cable ties to get the tyre on and off. A beader for forming the seal, although I usually use the ratchet strap method someone mentioned before.
  5. Kia Twinshock Trials

    First round for 2018 is this weekend at PlasOnn Farm Selatyn , run by Aqueducts, thought I might have a day out and go and have a look, suss it all out So if you see a slightly over weight old git with a silly hat on, its probably me
  6. MOT Changes in May

    Hi, how do you do this self declaration? Is there a form, I've had a brief look but can't find anything?
  7. How Do You Change A Tyre?

    I've changed dozens of tyres over the years, for tubeless one of the easiest ways is to use cable ties. Not kidding here, look it up on youtube. You basically cable tie the tyre into one ring. It works, I've done it several times in the paddock when club racing when theres no tyre service there. However, for tubed tyres this doesn't work so well, and getting the inner tube trapped is very common, then have to do it all again!
  8. In May of this year any vehicle over the age of 40 will no longer require tax or MOT. So how will this change the process of registration for older machines? At the moment for a 1977 Bultaco Sherpa for instance, your require MOT to start the process, will this change?
  9. Telford review, personal!

    A few of the major suppliers were missing, good atmosphere though and I still managed to spend a small fortune. One thing for sure reference the auto jumble and "project" bikes, Ebay sure has a lot to answer for!
  10. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    Fact of the day - Never wear shorts in the Ukraine because Chernobyl fall-out
  11. I use 60;1 on my Cota 247 of fully synthetic race oil (The main reason is I was sponsored by Silkolene when I was road racing, and I have loads of it left! ) I also add about a cap full, for two thirds of a tank , as I only usually fill the tank to two thirds each time, of R40, I only do this for the smell really but it probably changes the mix to about 50:1. I dont always do this, just now and again as the Silkolene race oil smells pretty good anyway and reminds me of my TZ racing days! ETA: The R40 sinks to the bottom of the tank as well, maybe its something modern R40 does, because I dont remember it doing this years ago, so shake the tank up good and proper or it gums up the carb when you turn the petrol on practically neat R40 is the first bit of fuel, particularly if you're on reserve. Although R40 is not really for two strokes anyway, just smell gorgeous!
  12. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    Dog 1: “Help me with this crossword clue. Outer covering of a tree, 4 letters.” Dog 2: “Woof?” Dog 1: “You’re not even bloody trying.”
  13. Do I Need A Chainguard

    Here's one I made earlier
  14. Cota 247

    Looks fab-u-lous Great job