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  1. I tried both yesterday at a test day, found the 280 to be my favourite; really clean with a linear pick up , steering and brakes were absolutly spot on. I can,t remember ever having a bike with brakes like tha;.t very easy to ride, All you need is a bit of self discipline, it does what you tell it to immidiately without leaving you floundering behind. The 300 was a different bike; the brakes were normal (just like my 2 year old 280 gas gas) steering and suspension obviosly the same, the throttle was stiff and the motor was lumpy as if air filter or carburation not well adjusted. unlike the 280 riding it seemed somehow unremarkable;.. a poor use of english language perhaps but put another way I didn,t want to get off the 280. A nagging doubt ; why were the brakes so different? years ago we used to line up new bikes ,same model ,etc. and they were always a bit different to each other ,is this a Spanish thing? or just set up?
  2. How nice to see somebody else interested in engineering and trials bikes. I am retired now so my only words of wisdom (ha ha) would be to look for manufacturing process and material benifits which allow you to design parts which otherwise would be too expensive to make for sale;....the benifits of functionality are nearly always outweighed by the profit margin of the supply chain and your cost of sales....whilst thinking of commercial angle it is difficult to develop a idea or product without sharing it and if you share there is always somebody out there better equipped and ready to develop it to a market with or without you. I found 3d printing brilliant for prototype work as it is relatively cheap way of having a tangible item to proove many areas of your design work .I guess with plastic materials constantly improving very small batch production could be a way foreward. good luck and just keep on with your ideas.
  3. Thanks mate ..passed it on
  4. Trying to help out a mate who has a 315 Mont he is sure the CDI is Fubard and is asking where he can find a replacement any help ref. ignition spares or repairs (already suggested West country windings) gratefully recieved.
  5. For those who are conesseurs it,s not a big problem but it can be misleading for new to I just been researching motorhomes and it,s the same confusion it intended to be like buying electricity ,gas, telecoms etc. ad infinitum?. for an old scroat it.s just another element of modern living ...think we used to call it comparing eggs with eggs...if all these "businesses" and thier resellers clearly labelled/defined relativity of thier products they would sell similar volume but less profitably. Thank goodness (and proprietors of forums) buyers can sort the wheat from the chaff.
  6. It was and I assume still is policy to use observers who have ridden the event and are well aware of all the points raised here which goes a long way to keeping a sensible balance regarding the mix of riders regarding ability crowd pulling sponsors finance sportsmanship etc etc...havn,t,t been up for a couple of years but it seems a pretty good mix gets selected and voluntary fives are a fact of life.
  7. No but thanks's a shoulder for the inboard snail am @ dia 19.9 /20x 4.2 long
  8. Dimensions.....yes I,m getting daft in my old age....made a sketch of sprocket side rear wheel spacer/ insert before leaving france for order to machine one up ...only problem is I forget to put all the dimensions on the sketch.has anybody out there got one (new bike with inside chain tensioner ) it,s the outside bit I can,t recall I.e spindle through hole dia.17 ...inside of bearing od. 8 longs 20......0all length 18 stock dia 28.....then I need length and dia. Of shoulder for the snail cam and any other bits on the end. Thanks in anticipation
  9. So we,re all in the same would think as line away suggests they would Bing a few in for the sake of their reputation.....maybe the new gas gas owners will take on board some of these niggling criticisms and for sake of a few centimes do something about it. What I was hopeing to find was somebody like Ivan Manning ( a guy who specialzed in seals of all types and loved hiss trials)...Ho hum
  10. We have two gasser snow ...both with braketec master cylinders....both have developed worn out front seal on piston....just did the wife's yesterday dammned mine now needs doing...question is......has anybody identified a source to buy these , I know one can buy a repair kit but I find it a lot of money to replace a 20 pence lip looks like being a regular maintenance task I would prefer to have a stock of the bit that matters
  11. Well Dyson fans ...hand dryers etc. Go very fast
  12. If you end up near us (30760) I can make contacts for you or offer can find me on Chris Wrigley
  13. Mine does the same but when it's on it,s really on.....Dyson mod?
  14. Fish and chip van as in cod and chips......i.m in wrong part of France would make a weekend of it have a christening in UK 1st May ..and of course it,s not far to fort William from there.
  15. 3 Jours de Ardeche...w,end after finish of SSDT 3 Jours de Cantal in late sept early october 3 jours De Aveyron Moto club12 late April google need driving licence , Acu int licence,road insurance , lights 2 steel jerry cans PM me if stuck