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  1. Francis Barnett model 92

    I am interested in any information or colour photographs for the Francis Barnett Model 92 from 1963 to 1966, in particular I think the frame was Arden Green, does anyone have the current code or know which car manufacturer colour may match?
  2. Norton 500T Spark Plug Recommendations.

    I have ridden 500t's for about 40 years and always use NGK plugs because in my work they have always given the best technical support and seem to operate across the widest temperature range. I used to use BP5ES but sometimes have a misfire or need to fit a new plug in longer events. Recently I have been using Iridium BPR5EIX and all the problems seem to have gone away. I use a standard BTH magneto.
  3. Tubeless Tyre Using A Tube?

    I would be careful using an xlite, I have ridden a 500T for about 40 years, riding the pre 65 Scottish on one for the first time in 1986 and most years since. If you use a too softer tyre it has twoo problems due to the weight and rigid rear end, firstly too many punctures and the softer the tyre the higher the pressure required to stop punctures and secondly even then the back end will move around too much. I used the Dunlop tubed tyre ( D803 or 807) until they become unavailable and now used tubed Michelin tyres. I use IRC tubed tyres on twinshocks but they are too soft and variable to use on a rigid. My advise to anyone who wants to ride a rigid competitively is get good at changing rear tubes.
  4. Barnett Clutch Plates Tlr200E

    Tlrmark I have ridden my TLR 250 since 1996 and for the first 10 years or so it was mainly twinshock championship rounds which were not too bad on the clutch but if I rode local modern bike trials, especially if there was a need to slip the clutch in third a lot, then the clutch adjustment was all over the place. I tried new genuine friction plates and ones from another supplier and they lasted about a year before needing changing and when very hot both needed to have the cable adjusted, one was one way and one the other, I have no notes on which was which. In 2008 I fitted Barnett Kevlar plates and have not changed them since, and do not adjust the clutch during a trial. I think they might now need changing after the last trial which was very muddy and nearly 20 miles all off rode. I will do an oil change to see if this changes anything, the clutch did not slip but it was very light and felt like there was very little adjustment left on the cable. I use 4 Kevlar drive plates plus the CG125 anti rattle kit, I use the Barnett MT15 clutch springs and a good quality semi synthetic 4 stroke motorcycle oil, in the past I have had clutch problems with expensive fully synthetic car oil as it does not have the correct packages for a wet clutch. I have learnt that it helps to put a spacer behind the clutch actuator bearing so that the clutch arm is a far back as possible. I once designed and part made a kit using 4rt parts to convert to hydraulic clutch. I hope this helps.
  5. Barnett Clutch Plates Tlr200E

    A few years ago I got TLR Barnett Kevlar friction plates and springs from PDQ Motorcycle Developements
  6. 4T Hot Start Kit

    Vanman, the 4T I have been working on would start cold without choke and then would not start hot, the original idle jet was a 45, with a 35 it starts when hot but runs a bit lean, probably a 37 or 38 jet would be best. What idle jet do you have?
  7. 4T Hot Start Kit

    Currently I am trying to get a 2008 bike to start when hot, and am making some progress, what idle jet do you have fitted? Also as a clue when cold will your bike start without the choke?
  8. Tlr250

    28 to 30 Nm
  9. 1986 Honda Rtl 250 Flywheel Removal

    The TLR 250 is definitely 16 x 1.5 if that helps
  10. Gollner Four Stroke

    gbmoto Thanks, would I know you from when I lived in the South Eastern Centre? Clive
  11. Gollner Four Stroke

    gb moto I am not sure if you are still on Trials central, I am Clive Dopson and I am interested if you could send me the photo file of me riding the fourstroke Kawasaki Thanks
  12. Castrol Arrow's

    Metisse I bought some for our club in 2009, I have a copy of the order form with all the contact details, I could e-mail to you if youwant
  13. Ssdt Pre 65 In Main Event.

    It was Stig Karlsson in 1980, he finished on 591 marks in 171st position out of 231 finishers
  14. Tiger Cubs

    Deryk 1994 Bonanza cub is John Dismore, riding one of the cubs prepared by his father, Mick. John is back riding some pre 65, he did well in the Talmag this year.
  15. Early Pre-65 Scottish Trials

    Deryk The Norton was built as one of three by my father in the early seventies, I have Talmag badges continuously from 1975 and the year I won it overall on a rigid on the special test was 1982, Geoff Chandler and I always competed for the rigid class but I am not sure when or if he won it outright. I first rode the Norton in Scotland in 1986 and according to my records it has completed 42 days in Scotland without retiring, including welding the footrest one day and another year rebuilding a wheel on the Mamore Road. One day I should get my notes in order as I think 2014 was the last time I will ride it in Scotland, compare 2014 on 160 marks over two days to 2000 as 25 marks over two days. Clive