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  1. crusader frame and bullet engine

    Thanks lot for the pictures .. Regards
  2. wrecking yard rescue1974 RL 250 Exacta

    it is good feeling to revive the memory . Good luck with your project. keep us posted.
  3. crusader frame and bullet engine

    Amazing . Nice bike haven't seen anything like that .. its looking cool
  4. wrecking yard rescue1974 RL 250 Exacta

    Good findings Mark. need bit of work .. but worth the efforts . get one bike for me as well :-) enjoy..
  5. Hi guys Im going to get crausder frame from my friend wanted to put bullet engine to build trials it quite common practice in trials world Questions .. > Does it need lot of frame mod .. > How about swing arm does it need modification to fit 4.0 x 18 tyre ? Any mod please suggest and pics if possible Thanks
  6. Sister Sport

    interesting sport. will be very enjoyable.
  7. Standard Front Fork Length ?

    Hi section swept Perfect Bultaco M80 Sherpa , i love them Any bike actually. which is proper trials bike , yes you are right , these are DR200 suzuki type forks. already did parts swap and got this , want to use them if possible i think my forks long enough might not be suitable for standing while driving .. i will do my post my forks measurement as well Thanks a lot Regards
  8. Standard Front Fork Length ?

    Thanks a lot anachronism is this from Beta Evo 80 ?
  9. Standard Front Fork Length ?

    Hi Guys Can someone measure the front front length ( from Axle bolt till the top yoke ) for standard trialing fork. Thanks & Regards
  10. Can someone identify these forks ?

    @teamferret good idea. i will look around . Thanks
  11. Can someone identify these forks ?

    Thanks @section swept @ourian @potto @2stroke4stroke @faussy you guys are spot on .. it seems like suzuki DR200 etc , i got them for some part exchange. i would like to use them if possible. i have another drum brake wheel as well if i want to use it on bantam . i would like to lower them a bit. i think they still very high for trials bike. thanks again for your quick help Regards
  12. Can someone identify these forks ?

    @motovita do you mean they are from Enduro ? i want to use with bsa bantam frame. i will have a look again .. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys Can someone identify these forks. make/model etc ? seems bit longer is length. thanks & Regards
  14. Never rode all twinshocks , just curious what is the best twinshock bike frame geometry/handling wise.. Yamaha TY Suzuki Beamish Fantic 200 Kawasaki KT Bultaco Montesa Cota Ossa MAR Honda TL may be more. you can suggest . Regards
  15. twinshock trials come back ?

    i think in 5-10 years 3D printing will mature and cheap and i will print off my favorite motorcycles without running the factory