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  1. Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    Had to stick the new VIN plate over the number engraved in the frame. EU VIN series doesn't match what CARB wants so the importer has to verify the bike with them then they receive the new CARB compliant VIN, then you can reg it. I think the 8th is a 3, regardless it got a red sticker (she could only run the VIN through when she selected 2t from the DMV menu).
  2. Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    Got my sticker yesterday, no big deal. Make sure to bring the bike with the paperwork, they want to do the VIN verify stuff.
  3. Has anyone registered a Sherco in California?

    I just got the new CARB VIN for my 2018 from Kevin a week ago and have an appointment to title/reg it tomorrow at the DMV. Currently just have the BOS and MSO; I'll report back how it goes but expect no real issues. Scorpa/Sherco are now players in the CA market. Lineway; I was checking section 12 on Sunday and Timing section 11 on Saturday. People looked like they had a good time, scores showed it to be easier rather than harder trial. I only saw one person on a TRS, last name started with "D" riding clubman (pretty sure). Was that you son? He seemed to ride well in my sections and looked comfortable with the bike.
  4. batteryless kit harder to start

    When I had mine converted the dealer said the 1.x versions of the software won't work with the battery-less system and the 2.x map won't work with the battery system. If you had the battery then completed the battery-less and did not upgrade to the 2.x map that is the problem. Mine (battery-less upgrade, 2.0 map) starts every time hot with 1-2 and cold 3-5; always.
  5. Hopping

    Replaced both springs so the bike is more fitted to my weight (220 lbs), that has helped with turning in the rough some and allows me to store more energy for big ups. I can also get more weight forward to drive the front end in full lock, makes it track better. Front hopping is smooth with the vert due to the low center of gravity, rear hops I find dropping my weight down in my knees more than I would've thought helps the back come up a huge amount. Remember not only is the C of G low in the vert but also back quite a bit as opposed to a regular non efi bike. My friend's TRS seemed to hop better but the bike didn't feel as planted as my vert. GG don't turn anywhere near as tight, not even close. Check your linkage bearings too, mine were pretty dry on grease, cleaning and re-greasing helped the back move easier. The low C of G also means you get less pull on the bars when holding pressure or using the bike to pull you over the top of big stuff, less scary but you have to work a little harder.
  6. Spark arrestor

    I use the fancier one that Lewisport sells, machined, anodized aluminum as opposed the the steel one (Spanish fly). The screen can be removed and cleaned which is needed on a regular basis, works well; have one on my wife's gasser too.
  7. Electric 2017 OSET 24.0 RACE

    SR48 300 or 400. Have to double check motor amperage (300 of 400 corresponds to the amps); 48v (max 65v peak). Looks like it will fit the frame OK. My electrical friend likes to put a small toggle on the bars for on the fly power mode switching (going up a hill and you realize you don't have enough juice half way up..) and the Alltrax will allow for override input like that.
  8. Electric 2017 OSET 24.0 RACE

    My wife got one to play around on and had the same experience; throttle control is really odd. Had some other folks ride it (me included) and we all agreed, weird to the point of dangerous. If you drag the the brakes it becomes OK but that will burn out the motor if you're not careful. Guy in our club is a retired electrical engineer and has built his own e-bike from a Montesa; made his own Li batteries etc. The problem with the Oset is it has a constant torque controller rather than a constant speed controller. The constant torque controller makes the bike keep going after you roll off the throttle and other odd behavior. Alltrax makes a constant speed controller that I think will fit in the frame above the motor and costs about $350 US, my wife is still trying to decide if she wants to mod it or sell it.
  9. Shifting issues

    I had the same issue as you when the bike was basically new, started out to just miss a little, then got so bad within a day I barely finished and event. It was exactly what Peterb described and turns out was due to an over-torque at the factory. Bolt head cracked off. FYI you have to pull the gear position sensor to get access to that side of the motor which then requires a reset. Pretty sure you need ECU access to do the reset (the fuel maps look to see what gear you're in)
  10. Number Boards

  11. Number Boards

    I pulled the stock light and board, removed the headlamp and buttons. I then place the buttons into the foam bar clamp protector and ditched the lamp. This allowed a normal board mount (formed plastic clips onto the forks) and better button access. These thong bikini boards (my Ossa had a similar one) are pretty useless as is the headlamp, much prefer a standard board with letters you can actually see....
  12. No more battery

    So I've now got about 20 hrs and one full trial on the battery-less system and can say it is great. No more prodding a button with some type of start up pattern, just kick it and go like any other trials bike. 2.0 map is much better than previous ones, the addition of the map and battery-less makes me say what a fellow Vert rider said after his got changed.." Now I have the bike that I thought I bought to begin with." The initial learning curve/Beta testing was well worth it, really enjoying the bike now.
  13. Import a used bike from Spain to California?

    FYI you can get an out of state temp sticker at just about any bike shop that will allow you to ride and unreg'd bike at an OHV in CA. $50/yr rather than $25 for a red sticker. Almost all of the Sacto Pits events are on private land so no issue there and when we do and event at and OHV (Prairie City etc) they consider it a special event and you don't need a sticker, just a spark arrestor. Doubt it will be an issue for you to have that bike, lots of folks in our club have Sherco/Scorpa/TRS and none of them can be reg'd in CA. You may want to expand your search a little, there are some good dealers in Idaho, Oregon and even BC that may be easier to deal with than bringing one back from the EU.
  14. No more battery

    Well I got the battery-less system installed and the 2.0 map loaded. Starting is much better and the 2.0 map seems different off the bottom, a little more torque by my seat of the pants-o-meter. Only have about 4 hrs on the new system but so far am liking it. The 1.3 map has a pretty rich set for idle/starting and I had times when I couldn't start the bike even having just ridden it for a while (1/2 hr or more, no shut-off). If you don't have the throttle pretty open it will put too much fuel in when the pump starts and just about floods it....not always but enough to make me worry about shutting off; not a good thing in trials at all! Price for the system is about $150; I was told it costs about 300 euros but they get 150 euro back for the power control module (not the ECM but the little black box at the head stock) so the cost is somewhat recouped. I'll update my post after some more time but so far it seems pretty good; took the dealer about 1 hr to install and re-flash the ECU. They cut the power line from the battery and run that line to a new capacitor, add a ground out of the wiring loom and replace the power control module. They also added a one way fuel valve from the line going from the pump to the injector; looks like a little plastic pancake fuel filter.
  15. inertia/flywheel weight kit

    Ditch the weight and use map 3? It is so soft on 3 that it messed my timing up big time at the BAC. Back on 2 or 1 and I was good to go. 4 is for high altitude I was told (over 7000 ft)