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  1. Fantic 200 whining noise - help please!

    I've not noticed any whining on my 200, so I'd say you have a fault...Sorry I can't be of any more help, hope you got to the bottom of it.
  2. 4rt spark plug

    Thought l’d up-grade to iridium, but compared it to old one it looks different. Have i got the right one? Is the non-threaded bit part pf the seal?
  3. Fantic 307 jetting

    https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/dellorto-motorcycle-carburettors-parts/complete-carburettors-dellorto-motorcycle-carburettors-parts/phbh-26-to-30mm/r4168-phbh-26cs-gas-gas/ Surprisingly cheep if its the same as yours...better than messing around with old carbs.
  4. 4rt running rough

    Have you by any chance plugged the lighting exstention into the main loom? I did for MOT. It ran very similar to what you describe.
  5. Minarelli 200 Head torque settings

    I got this from a 1978 Motorcycle Machanics. Anyone know for sure what the correct head torque for my FM350 rear kick should be?
  6. Fantic 200 Front Forks

    My standard springs were about the same with no spacers.
  7. Is it Bent?

    Surely if you straiten it out it will be longer. I would have thought cutting a piece out would be the fix. My bike doesn't fall over as much since I put Magical springs in the forks...ground clearance has increased, maybe that's your issue or wrong rear shockers?
  8. Is it Bent?

    https://www.google.com/search?q=fantic+200&rlz=1C1RUCY_enIM769IM769&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiZ04qT-JnZAhUKvxQKHZVsBTwQ7AkINg&biw=1366&bih=637#imgrc=2rjgaNvLh0FnWM Most look strait on pics...Blow torch at the bend site will allow it to bend easy.
  9. Is it Bent?

    Think mine is strait. I did wonder(because it's strait) if it had been a DIY job after the OE got damaged. Yours looks very similar to mine except yours has a crank in it. I recon someone had done to stop it catching on rocks. They are only a bit of light weight tube and will fracture if messed with too much. I have to be careful where I leave my 200, bit of wind or soft ground has it over. Think the foot could do with being slightly bigger and a shorter length would help.
  10. 1979 Fantic 200 engine removal

    Sounds like a plan. They are very tight and fiddly, I really didn't think I'd get it out without taking the head off, and then thought about getting it back in...much easyer.
  11. 1979 Fantic 200 engine removal

    Thing is...getting back in without chipping the new paint. I'm doing mine at the moment, took the head off for that reason. Glad I did now as the bolts are full of oil, think it's been blowing from head and or base gasket. Im hoping it just wasn't torqued up right.
  12. Fantic 200 Front Forks

    Stiff folks? Totally opposite to what I found on my 200 when I first got it. Maybe just way too much oil of too thick, big spacers in there. Careful the tops might hit you in the face when you undo em. I replaced the(what I assumed)originals with Magicals and put enough 10w oil to stop the folks topping out, bit of trial and error required. If you get Magicals you will need the adjustable preload spacers they sell at the TY majesty place, or make some big spacers. I've set mine with little of no preload and are quite bouncy now in comparison to the old setup.I find it much easier to pick the front wheel up now, I'm liking it so far.
  13. Original fork springs vs. Magicals - a brief review

    I got a pair of Magicals from the Majesty site. Think I had the original 37 year old springs in my Fantic 200. I found them quite bouncy compared to the old ones, a bit disconcerting at first but soon got used to them. Unlike the OP I find it much easier to pick the front up. I have modern rear shocks but nowt fancy. Definitely time and money well spent. I have light fork oil and soggy rear shocks, seams to suit me for now.
  14. Fantic 200 engine case

    Is it worth trying a new seal in there? I would have to get that crap off if it were mine...might end up putting some back on as last resort. Cases are hard to come by, repair is your best shot.