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  1. I got a pair of Magicals from the Majesty site. Think I had the original 37 year old springs in my Fantic 200. I found them quite bouncy compared to the old ones, a bit disconcerting at first but soon got used to them. Unlike the OP I find it much easier to pick the front up. I have modern rear shocks but nowt fancy. Definitely time and money well spent. I have light fork oil and soggy rear shocks, seams to suit me for now.
  2. Is it worth trying a new seal in there? I would have to get that crap off if it were mine...might end up putting some back on as last resort. Cases are hard to come by, repair is your best shot.
  3. Are them numbers for the 200 pro? I have a 200 FM350 feels heavier than that Would like a 305 to add to the stable.
  4. You could just make a spacer now you know what size your happy with. Bit of plastic pipe maybe if you can find the right size. Just a thought
  5. Lots of dealers struggling to get shut of the 72kg 300 at £6999 this I'm guessing no.
  6. My first thought is, it's hydraulically locked due to way too much fuel getting on top of the piston. It gets worse each revolution as the volume of increases as it's not all going out the exhaust port. Possibly carb fault making it worse. Unless it's been well looked after over the years, your crank seals are going to need replacing. The crank may be in bad shape also.(it's a 2 stroke thing) The original ignition systems have been replaced on most running Fantics these days,as they suffer with age.
  7. Careful, 32 or 35mm forks as standard I think. Sure Ive seen then advertised though.
  8. I tend to do it with my hand on my 200 as I rock the bike back and forth. Don't know how common this is. Not got any clutch drag and good oil, I just assumed that's how they are. It's a pain when you stall it in a section.
  9. I've noticed my 05 missing a lot with an old plug. Runs fine with a new one in. Looking for an Iridium one now as I've read they run better with them.
  10. Yeah, a two stroke kick is no use, took me a while to get used to that. A lot of hour metres measure RPM.
  11. Your best doing a bit of research, that carb looks bog standard stuff, they haven't changed much...if at all since I started messing with carbs. Not sure where I found these, might help.
  12. THREE BELLS She's running like a good en. As I was cleaning the plug sockets I came across a ball of wires with bits and bobs plugged in under the tank. It was the extension to the main loom for the road gear that I'd plugged in, and forgot about due to it taking an age to get though MOT. As soon as you plug the extension in it must run on some kind of limp mode. Well done to "on it" who was...on it! Thanks for all the input. BRRRAP
  13. Had a look at the pump in the tank, no sign of any crap really. Could try a flow test,think they give a flow rate/min. Just had a look at the B/A sensor, I never touched that previously, but tried the bypass trick...made no difference Going to clean all the plug sockets with contact cleaner now.
  14. Yeah, according to the 05 manual that I've downloaded...they have got one. It's a square box and it has to be 5mm away from the throttle body. I've been rumaging around that area, so hopefully I've put it back the wrong way up. Fingers crossed
  15. Bank angle sensor,where's that located? What would it look like...size,shape? If it turns out it has been out, what do I have to do with it? May have put it back in upside down then,switch it back and should be ok? The fan came on today as i was running the bike, so I guess thats connected and the radiator temp sensor controls that I guess so prob connected too.