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  1. Footpeg mods.

    Hi Neil, B40RT, many many thanks for the pics and explanation. I've gone a different route though. I decided to make some 5 mm thick plates and had a few goes at finding the right footrest position for me. The end result is as follows. With the bike on a stand, the middle of the footpeg is 980 mm from the middle of the front axle to the middle of the footpeg. The top of the footpeg is 340 mm from the top of the frame rail directly above it. The brake lever is currently mounted on the outside of the frame using a rod to connect to the brake arm. It works fine but looks pretty naff to say the least. The template I have made is a bit like an italic 'h'. The pivot is on the bottom left, the cable would be mounted at the top left. The arc is stretched forward quite a lot and has to be that shape to get over the bash plate cross member. The pivot mounting point would be in the middle of the peg mounting bracket (idealy?). Not got that far yet but hope to get something finalized in the next couple of weeks or so. Phil
  2. Footpeg mods.

    To lower and move back the footpegs on a TL 320 seems to be the most done mod. What I've not seen is what mods have been done to the rear brake lever to be able to cover it while riding and standing on the pegs. Any pics of the mods made would be appreciated. I am going to try and get a lever made that will still use the original cable. I have a template made but need to get it fabricated if it is at all possible. It is a really wierd looking thing to say the least.
  3. Swm 125 engine rebuild info

    Great article packed with useful information. Thanks for the tip Martin.
  4. Swm 125 engine rebuild info

    Hi Martin, I'm afraid I missed the 200 PECO post you mentioned. I'll take a look at it though and give it a thorough read. Don't know where I picked up the Suzuki 185 info from either, all a very long time ago and looks like I have got some wires crossed.
  5. Swm 125 engine rebuild info

    Hi, the standard bore is 54.0 mm so if the piston you have is 61.7 mm, it's been well overbored. It's not a PeCo (?) modded engine is it ? They used a Suzuki 185 piston to up the CC's to 200 or there abouts. Are there any other obvious engine mods visible ? A sandwich spacer on the timing side for example.
  6. Monday Morning Laugh

    A leftover from Only Fools and Horses ?
  7. Can I run with piston slap?

    Put the video on Youtube and post the link to it
  8. Gearselection getting difficult.

    Hi Martin, many thanks for your expert advise. A stripdown really does look unavoidable whichever way I look at things. Phil
  9. Gearselection getting difficult.

    Well, with the modded ramps (Big balls), Barnett carbon friction and the matching steels, mine doesn't. So there you go b40rt, now you have ;o] Even my 125, which only has surflex sintered plates, the clutch on it doesn't drag either. Still, that's not the reason for the section difficulties which is only getting worse with time. Looks like I'll have to split the engine again anyway cause if something is worn or needs adjusting..........
  10. Gearselection getting difficult.

    Hi, afer I rebuilt my TL320s motor, gearchanging was a dream. It stated getting problematic going down the box especially from 2nd to 1st. Now it is also a pain going up the box from 1st to 2nd. The clutch isn't dragging so something with the pawl setup seems to have changed. Any ideas ? Phil
  11. Taper roller head bearings

    Take a look here.......http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bultaco-Sherpa-Alpina-Montesa-Cota-Twin-Shock-Steering-Head-Stem-Bearings-Kit-/231560391129
  12. Fantic 247 (212cc) Piston.

    Hi, I'd give Bob Wright a ring, he can tell you what you need to know about Fantic spares and their availability. If you have contacts in Italy, no problem whatsoever, you can get hold of whatever you need there.
  13. 80 TL320 Seat

    All three of mine are the same. Maybe yours had a metal tank originally. The fixings for those are different. Don't ask me how they differ as I have never seen one to be able to compare.
  14. 80 TL320 Seat

    Here you go.
  15. 80 TL320 Seat

    In my picture above, the second one, I show the sprung loaded, sliding latch from below. Looks like its missing on your frame. At the top the spring and at the bottom the tab to operate it. Not really as clear as it could be.