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  1. I went and took my little lad along we enjoyed it I must admit I would have preferred to see more mud as to me uk trials = Mud, world round should have terrain that matches the country its held in.
  2. thanks for that gwhy. greg , its a pain in the ass, I am still hoping the ideal hobby king batteries come in stock soon, not sure what the compromise will be if they don't.
  3. I don't know a lot about these batteries, read about them on ebike forums they prefer them over the hobby king batteries. I am going to get a decent battery before summer for my lads 36v oset hobby king have been out of stock for my ideal batteries fir ages so ive been looking for alternatives.
  4. Has anyone made a battery out of something like this? Prices seem to be coming down and they are more popular on ebikes than hobby king model batteries.
  5. He looks a similar size to my 4 year old who is on the 16, def better to be on a slightly bigger bike than a smaller one if they are confident enough.
  6. Agreed. The bms and how to make charging simple is the most complicated part.
  7. The 10s appeared good at first glance but all the extras ruin it on cost. I'm still hoping the other batteries come back into stock before spring.
  8. thanks for the reply, I have nothing for lipo at the moment so am not steered in any direction to suit a existing set up.
  9. Just checked and these have appeared on hk Pair of those in parallel could be good?
  10. Understand what your saying, could be a good idea. seems they are getting less and less in stock so I am hoping that means a shipment is coming and they will have the "ideal" batteries in stock before spring, at the moment the woods are too wet for a little bike so he just wants to blast around the fields so they weight isn't a issue as much as it will be when it dry's out and we can try the rougher stuff again.
  11. My lad is a tall 4 year old we borrowed a 12.5 for him to learn on but as you can see from your lads feet they angle down to get caught on every bump he rode over he kept hurting his ankles. If you can borrow the 12.5 for a few practice rides to gain confidence then buy a 16. the only down side could be the extra weight of the 16.
  12. unfortunately not, Hertfordshire!!!!!!!! Im looking at anything that's uk or Europe stock to avoid import tax. My lad is very tall for his age so I got him a 16 on his 4th birthday as he was far to big for the 12.5 we borrowed. The extra size and weight has knocked his confidence so I had planned to buy 6 of the batteries I linked and run 3 in series for now and swap them for the other set if he want to ride more to keep the weight down then parallel the two sets at a later date when his a bit stronger to increase the ride time without messing about swapping batteries part way through the day.
  13. After reading this thread I had decided what to buy to make a oset 36v battery but all the recommended stuff seems to be out of stock on hobby king, left it 6 weeks hoping it would come back into stock but no luck, emailed them and no eta either. I did plan on using 3 of these amd the bms posted earlier in this thread. Can anyone suggest reliable sources for similar batteries or a suitable alternative, I cant see any similar stuff they are all much lower capacity. Thanks.
  14. Good info thanks, i still need to know who can sell the parts though, they are the big problem.