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  1. Hi can anyone tell me all the clubs around Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland. especially any with practice grounds? kind regards chris wade
  2. Beta Rev 4T 2008 Brakes Sticking On

    Hi all, i've just got a beta rev 4t 2008, and used it a few times, but when i use the brakes more than a few times in 30 mins, they tend to lock on, and we have to take the caliper off and push the pistons back in manually. they go in mostly easy, sometimes they just wont move, until we push in the right place, which i think is due to being slightly twisted. the pads are low but not gone, as they have about 2mm left on all round. anybody know of anything that it could be? I have wondered if i could just replace the piston and seals, but if the bore is badly scored then i will also need a new caliper, but i dont want to buy pistons if i need a new caliper anyway?
  3. Beta Rev 4T Kickstart Mod

    hi all, i am just looking for a specific answer please, maybe a link to another thread that describes the process, or a step by step guide? or is it something a dealers only ever does?
  4. Beta Rev 4T Kickstart Mod

    Hi I have seen people talk about the kick start mod for this bike. can anyone tell me what this is, and photos, or the before and after if available please? i want to check if mine has had this done, and if not what i should be wary of?
  5. Which Caliper Do I Have

    I have a beta rev 4t 2008, and i need to replace the front brake pistons. But i am struggeling to figure what caliper it is and where to find spare parts. I have tried beta-uk but they say its a g-something brand, but not sure of the model.
  6. Finding Front Caliper Piston

    Hi Im looking for front caliper piston fire a beta rev 4t 2008, But eBay can't find any. Where do you look for parts for trials bikes?
  7. How To Check If A Motorcycle Is Stolen

    also just found https://checkthatbike.co.uk/
  8. how can anyone find out if a motorcycle i want to buy is stolen? I have so far found only this to check vin numbers https://www.nicb.org/theft_and_fraud_awareness/vincheck anyone know of anything else?
  9. Most Reliable Maintenance Free Trials Bike

    Thanks all for replies. Im now wondering what the weight difference is between 200 2 stroke and 300 4 stroke?
  10. Hi Im looking at a bike with knackered steering head bearings. I wondered how easy they are to replace beta 4t 300 2008 and why they would go in the first place, is it a sign of bad maintenance or a bike model defect?
  11. Hi Im looking to get trials bike and wondered if there is a perticular brand that's best for reliability and maintenance free? I'm thinking 4 stroke, so any opinions welcome. Anything I should know about beta 4t rev model I think?
  12. hi thanks for all the feedback. its not as easy for me to try them out as i depend on others letting me try theres, which i dont want to do as its there property. so can you tell me the differences between 2t and 4t in how the machine is best ridden? is it low revs for 4t and high for 2t, or is it more complicated than that?
  13. Hi Im looking to get a trials bike thinking 250 4 stroke, but not sure what's best for beginner to advance on. I do trail riding so have some experience