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  1. Gas Gas 2009 Raga Carbon Fibre Exhaust Replacement

    Great replies guys. I have seen a carbon infused repair kit on ebay uk so i was thinking to try that and hopefully get away with that. Gasgas uk said it was £327 for a std 09 silencer and mid box as theyre all one unit. But like i say i dont want to go the metal/chrome look, its the carbon one for a reason
  2. Gas Gas 2009 Raga Carbon Fibre Exhaust Replacement

    Yea ive looked to see if anything is broken but its not. Gas gas say if i need a replacement i have to go to the one with the standard 2009 exhaust which in my opinion is not the right one as these bikes are all factory extras.
  3. Hi everyone. So i went out on my gas gas 300 raga 2009 yesterday. Brought it home washed it and noticed the carbon fibre exhaust had tubbed through. Not all the way but i dont want it to go any more. So i phoned gas gas up and asked for a price on just the silencer but they said that its all one section, mid box to the silencer. So what im asking is is there anything to repair or stop this from happening again. So has anyone had this problem with their raga carbon exhaust. Tried to pack it out with washers but theres no where to pack it the opposite way from the wheel but no luck. Any help please.
  4. So i want to try and learn how to hop with the back wheel but im not sure how and how my clutch should be set for this particular task. Heres a link to a youtube video (with some ol music lol) of what im on about. Any advice would be greatly received.
  5. Beta Rev 3 200Cc 2007 Horrible Low End Noise.

    Is there a manual on stripping these engines down. Is it all accessible from the clutch side or would head and bore need to come of too?
  6. Beta Rev 3 200Cc 2007 Horrible Low End Noise.

    I cant post a vid im afraid as weve got it in bits now. The noise was more noticible when we pulled the lanyard kill switch and as the bike was dying out could hear the what sounded like groaning in the gearbox area. I know if theres water in with the mix then the bearings etc wont be proper lubricated.
  7. Hi everyone. So my friends son has a rev 3 200cc on a 2007 and its a lovely bike, loads of power and is ideal for him but he was on it yesterday when he and his dad started hearing a groany noise coming from the bottom end of the engine/gearbox. Now the day before we dropped and changed the milky gear oil because i said that should not look like that. Put fresh in and when it came back yeaterday it was exactly the same as we dropped it the day before. So i said it would be water getting in to cause this problem. So took the water pump of to see what lied beneath. This was what i found and knew that this had to be the problem. 1 them magnesium cases just corrode over time and 2 the water pump shaft seal will not be doing its job properly. So i thought the noise will be water in the oil causing moving parts not to be lubed properly. Am i right in thinking this. He has just ordered the new case for it but i wanted to feedback of you more experienced guys. Thank you.
  8. hey everybody. so as the title says I'm a first timer on this website although i have used it in the past but I've needed to register so i can get some information from any one of your brilliant minds. so i have a gas gas txt pro raga replica 2009 300cc and i like it but... i snapped the spur gear on the kick start shaft and now i cannot for the life of me remember which way it went back in. I've looked on google and had a few threads showing how to index it properly but the only one that seems to be the better one is this so when the gear slides up the shaft it will engage more so at the top whereas before it was almost half way round. is this the right way to do it because i tried some other way which a specific site said how to do it and it didn't feel as though it engaged at the right point. sorry for the long first post