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  1. New to sport bike selection

    Buy the newest, best looking one.
  2. New to sport bike selection

    Always a hotly debated topic...I got my first taste of trials on a Gas Gas 300 and it was fine. As I was learning Trials basics I never felt scared or as if the bike was way too much. Then I bought a 280, another 280, and then 2 300's. You can do fine with a lot less engine, sure, but I think with basic throttle and clutch control a 300 will be fine. Just my opinion...
  3. Easy to kick over

    All my GG bikes started easily, not sure why so many have had issues. I was at TTC once and ended up kicking over the GG's for people cos they couldn't start em. My old 280 was so easy to start you could kick it over with your hand.
  4. New Boots

    I had to look up Dubbin.
  5. Which boots?

    Gaerne Balanced Oiled are great and the Alpine stars Tech are excellent too. The Gaernes are a bit more like slippers, the AS seem to offer more protection.
  6. New Boots

    They'll break in from sweat, just keep riding
  7. Hopping on rear wheel (Pogo) video included.

    On a good day i can put together 6-8 hops before I lose it. My record is 14. So I'm no pro at this so take this with a grain...Slow it down, and think of the move as a throw and a catch. The gas and clutch release is the throw, the rear brake is the catch. Stay back a tad more than you think you should. An incline definitely helps. It took me forever to do even one or two, just stay on it. It'll come.
  8. First trial today after 3 years out of riding

    I had similar...Off the bike for about a year and back to a friendly competition today.
  9. Tech 39 mm fork tube

    That's helpful Badger, thank you. Olive is available so that's what I'll get. Won't match- fits me perfectly.
  10. Air box lid fit - fixed, for now!!!

    Not sure if this helps but when I had mine I couldn't get it to sit flush, the back wouldn't seat properly and I fussed with it. There was a ridge that made me uneasy. Finally, I tapped it gently with a rubber mallet and it went in and stayed in. No more gap.
  11. Tech 39 mm fork tube

    Hey guys considering a new fork tube. I have a 2014 GG 300 Raga with the Gold forks. Question is--Does the replacement tube have to be Gold or are the colors merely cosmetic? I see they come in Olive, Titanium etc. Wasn't sure if a different color meant any more than...a different color.
  12. Getting bike fit??

    https://view.joomag.com/on-the-pegs-january-2017-volume-2-issue-1/0680952001482523943 Starts on page 104
  13. Getting bike fit??

    Oh absolutely, I use Kettlebells with 90% of my clients....Housewives to athletes. KB training has a great carry over to Trials. I wrote an article in "On the Pegs" magazine about Kettlebells if you'd like I can post the link.
  14. Getting bike fit??

    If you have access to a Squat Rack and Barbell, I would recommend a basic barbell program. Squats, Dead-lifts, and presses will produce gains in overall strength that is useful and applicable to athletics.
  15. 2015 issues sorted?

    Buying a new bike next 2-3 months. Considering a Sherco Factory 300. As far as anyone knows are the issues of 2015 that I have read about sorted and fixed in the later models? Thanks.