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  1. Buying a new bike next 2-3 months. Considering a Sherco Factory 300. As far as anyone knows are the issues of 2015 that I have read about sorted and fixed in the later models? Thanks.
  2. I sent a PM to you George.
  3. Hi Pauls- The clutch has been very good, smooth and easy action. No problems so far at all with the foot-peg brackets, they seem to be built really well. I haven't been in there to see if the handlebar mounting clamp is solid or not....Haven't tried a TRS with the PWK yet, but I'd like to see how it feels.
  4. I'm pretty sure they are Galfer but I'll double check...
  5. Mine's a 300. I took a quick spin on my buddy's 280 but didn't really ride it long enough to get a real feel for it. But I did really like it for the short time I was on it.
  6. I've got a TRS with about 15 hours on it. Great bike. Took me some time to get used to the Delorto carb, but it runs really well and I'm happy with it. It's quite light, very easy to flick around. I haven't had any problems with it except the gas tank issue that some have had. TRS sent me a new one right away with no hassle. Mine is bone stock except for some foot-pegs and grips. I don't plan on changing much. I find the bike to have plenty of power but it's mellow at the same time. I loved my GG and am still a big fan of theirs, but I have no regrets on going with TRS. If you are considering a new bike I'd definitely give it the thumbs up. Plenty of my riding buds have tried mine and all have liked it. Everything has stayed tight, nothing has come loose. Not one bolt. The stock suspension is great for me, I had the Reiger on my GG but the stock shock on the TRS is just fine and no complaints. The front forks are nice and do a great job. Everything functions well and nothing stands out that is awkward or annoying. The geometry and overall feel of the bike feels just right. When I installed my S3 foot-pegs, I quickly noticed how slanted they are, meaning they aren't level but tilt so that the outside end of the peg is quite a bit higher than the end closer to the frame. At first it seemed a little excessive, but I rode it before filing them down and now I really like the tilt. The bike is easy to work on and maintain. Easy access to the engine is nice. The Braktec stoppers are awesome- really good. One really small thing is I'd have preferred a sprocket with a sticker to cover the holes or a solid one, non-issue really. Can't say the bike has made me any better, but certainly hasn't made me worse- thank God. Fire away any questions I'm happy to help. Dan
  7. This helped me
  8. Need to install a new Braktec clutch master cylinder. Any tips on how to do it? I have done brakes and bleed them out pretty well, but clutch is new for me. Any info appreciated on how to get the fluid right. I have a Motion Pro bleeder. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Crazy, just got it.
  10. I managed to break off my headlight switch (left side GG 280). The housing is OK, it's just the red switch that's missing and the little square holder. I have called several GG shops and can't locate a replacement. Does anybody know the specs on the switch itself so I can try an electrical supply to see if they might have one? Any help appreciated.
  11. Looking to get some Zeta levers for my 2014 GG 280. I read that small modifications are necessary. Anyone know what those mods are exactly?
  12. Hey guys- On your GG if you have the snail cams with the little tabs on them, are the tabs pointed in to the bike or pointed toward the outside? Seems like outside makes more sense to adjust with your hands but my bud swears his came from the factory pointed in. Thanks.
  14. Great advice from you guys on the brake pads. I took the Jitsie's out and put the Galfers in. Wow, what a difference. I like Jitsie products and will continue to buy them, but the Galfers are way better in my opinion. Way grabbier, no bed in time needed, perfect.
  15. Just ordered the Galfers. Thanks all.