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  1. Rtls' Titan Frame...

    Only Trial dot com has most of them, but it would be nice to have them here. You'll have to scroll nearly 2/3 down to find them. http://www.onlytrial.com/1/from_1985_to_90_120288.html
  2. Steering

    Feet up Fun: I never thought of eccentric sleeves, clever. Check out the below reference link and do note this thread has some good points from others. I have also included two links, reading that will really get you thinking. The one missing term in the above is trail. The yokes or triple clamps having no offset will negatively affect trail (according to the articles). Changing the rake (cutting the frame) gets a lot of credit for a "transformation", but after reading the articles you may think twice? There are just too many factors. You might look for someone with a bike having these mods already done that you could try? Check this tread out in the Honda forum:
  3. Fantic 307 jetting

    If you have readily available supply (no supply issue) carburetor parts, that would suggest parts are a reasonable cost. You might replace the needle and seat for the float. Why not if they are cheap? On again, off again "won't idle properly and finally bogs down" sounds like money well spent on those two parts. If you own a number of bikes, have extra money etc, consider investing in an ultra sonic cleaner. Once you learn how to use it, and the many uses it has, you'll wonder why you never bought one before. On the TLR carburetor bodies alone it cleans them wonderfully well. Just be careful with some solvents and the heat the ultra sonic cleaners will/ can produce! Good luck!
  4. help with TLR200 reflex geometry

    Sell the TLR for enough $ to buy one of these. You'll be good to go. Disc brakes can be over rated when it comes to casual low speed trail riding. Beside simple drums are sometimes just nicer to deal with.
  5. no cut. change the head angle for TLR200/250

    That man Alan is a smart one, but here are some links with good information on the subject. After reading these articles I decided to limit my overall efforts to the foot pegs. I couldn't convince my self cutting the frame would lead me to where I wanted to go. Many applaud the results. I just think I had more questions after reading a bit. I really like the first link. http://www.trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=9348&sid=0cfc5184470361131cd8c6386e8c65de https://tonyfoale.com/Articles/RakeEx/RakeEx.htm Have fun.
  6. Tlr200 Cdi

    In an email conversation Colin Leese of TY Offroad (tyoffroad.co.uk) offered this: " I am in the process of testing a digital CDI, of which we will be the sole distributor. These will be listed on our website when available " This was October 2016. Send him an email asking how things are going on this project??
  7. Ideal Honda Tlr 200 Trials Gearing.

    That's the gearing my reflex had, I've no reason to think it's not original.
  8. Tlr 200 Swingarm Tab

    There is a small horizontal tab, welded on the left swingarm side, just behind the tapped vertical tab for the chain guard. Does anyone know what this is supposed to do? People turning their TLRs into pure single purpose bikes are usually cutting off unused wiring tabs, brackets etc. before painting a frame. Perhaps this tab is also one of those items being removed along with the other obvious ones? Thanks
  9. Ideal Honda Tlr 200 Trials Gearing.

    Would anyone know what they with when new?
  10. New To Me 1986 Tlr200

    Original paper manuals had been appearing in numbers on eBay recently, but I don't understand some of the high prices. The Honda dealer should still be able to order a reprint for you. Quality is just ok as the photo definition really should be better. Mine was low $40s about 13 years ago, I'm sure they marked it up. I didn't even think to look online at the time for the reprint, maybe there's something there. Start at the dealer for gaskets/ parts. Otherwise the UK seems to be a good source for most anything you could need. There is a good on-line forum article regarding to the carburetor and correcting the stock lean issues. Someone may know the one I'm talking about. The person seemed knowledgeable and provided part numbers, which 3 years ago were all still good. My friend and I both followed these mods with very good results over stock. Good luck, have fun!
  11. Full-Sized E-Trials

    It been over a year, are there any updates worth mentioning? Great thread, thanks to all who contributed.
  12. Parts Needed To Install 86 Atc200X Cylinder On My Tlr200?

    Mark, Is there a way I can reach you for future modification expertise, like an email address etc. Thanks, Doug dbjamie@msn.com
  13. Parts Needed To Install 86 Atc200X Cylinder On My Tlr200?

    Excellent. Some great information and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Mark.
  14. Parts Needed To Install 86 Atc200X Cylinder On My Tlr200?

    Congratulations. That's an interesting plot twist, but I was hoping British Columbia "tlrmark" could provide some more ATC information. tlrmark . . . are you out there?
  15. Parts Needed To Install 86 Atc200X Cylinder On My Tlr200?

    Hey Mark (tlrmark), Is the stock TLR200 head being used or are you using the ATC head (only gaining a benefit if using both ATC cylinder and head)? The cam, ignition pick up and mechanical advance retard unit from the ATC is also being used? Any chance you could provide measurements or a good way to id the correct cylinder (and head)? Something I could use to convey part information when I'm dealing with a seller? I do understand it's easy enough to see differences side by side, but when that is not an option what can I communicate that will describe the correct parts I'm after? BTW: Your mail box isn't accepting messages. Thank you very much, Doug