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  1. I would be interested to know how many turns your air screw is out, every time I hear your bike it sounds like it needs to be wound in 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn
  2. Borrow your Dad's glasses
  3. Netleys bike sounds like it needs a larger pilot to me,however its very difficult to sort out just watching a video
  4. I see you have bought an OKO/keihin for your Montesa, I would stick that on the Bully and see if you have the same symptoms
  5. It does take a lot of time and patience to get them running crisp, this video is maybe three years old and I think it would have had a Keihin on it. I have run with a dellorto but I would have to say the keihin/oko is the easiest to get running crisply.
  6. I think a 130 would be ok for normal trials use where the bike only hits full throttle for short bursts, but by the sounds of it the bike was being ridden more like a road/trail bike where it would be on the main jet for quite some time so I would definitely go bigger if you intend doing this style of riding - 140 /150. If you go too big the engine wont rev cleanly and will splutter on full throttle.
  7. Elf is used as standard in the Honda Montesa 4rt and the importer/ dealer will usually carry it or know where to get it from. It is the lightest gearbox oil I have found and I would assume this is why it works so well. The GRO extreme oil is the closest I have found to the ELF, but I still prefer the ELF.
  8. A Bultaco photo would be much better
  9. I have been using Elf htx 740 for over 10 yrs now and it is with out a doubt the best oil I have used. Started using it in my Gasgas originally as its the only oil that stops clutch drag and allows me to find neutral easily. Some where years ago someone told me it was developed for motoGP bikes as a low friction oil to increase HP, not sure if that's true but who knows. I also use it in Bullys along with fibre clutch plates and once again, neutral is easy to find, no clutch drag or slip when starting and using the bike. I dont use it in the bully gearbox because it is really thin and if you drop the bike it pours out through the vent hole whereas conventional gearbox oil doesn't. GRO also make a really light oil that is really good also.Hope this helps cheers Greg
  10. I would still take the float bowl off and check the size of the main jet- mistakes happen!
  11. It would be interesting to know what carbie you are running and what size main jet
  12. I was like you, always had a desire to have a 199B, but here in Australia they are very rare as they were never imported here. So when I had a chance to purchase one I couldn't pass it up. Now the problem is what do I do with it as it nears completion , ride it or leave it in the shed? I have a real nice 199A which I compete on which has lots of subtle modifications whereas the B is essentially standard except for a Dellorto carbie, late model footpegs and fibre clutch plates. I'll post some pictures next week when its finished. Cheers Greg
  13. There are a couple of taps that fit the original tank, two of mine have early model Sherco taps which have the same bolt spacing and I just realised that the tap I purchased off inmotion has a detachable 12mm threaded part, that screws into a block that has the two 6mm holes, so it looks like it would fit the earlier style fitting, so in effect it would fit both styles of tank. PS I would check with them first as I don't have an earlier tank to test this out on.
  14. The main thing is that you appear to have all the major parts [assuming you have the forks and triple clamps] Everything else in available and they are basically simple to work on, good luck. Cheers Greg