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  1. Braketec front brake

    I've had problems with front brake pressuring and the lever going hard and brake staying on, stripped brake caliper, 1 of the pistons pushed back easily but the others have been very difficult, managed to get 2 more back but can't seem to get the last one back, any suggestions?
  2. Gear Selection

    Used to have the same problem but now things are worse after a ride today, now the gear lever spins 360 degrees and is stuck in 1st gear, busy week in the workshop I believe Paul
  3. Would You Buy A Jota Gas

    Used Putoline GP10 and Castrol TTS (now Power 1) in the Beta, I see a lot of people recommending ATF for the Jgas,think I will stick with the GP10 and see how this performs. Got to agree huski,great bike, never thought I would leave the Beta brand. Next question, 100/1 or 70/1 or anybody running anything in between, thinking about using Putoline TT Trials Pro.
  4. Would You Buy A Jota Gas

    I've just bought a 2014 300 and absolutely love it, been a Beta man since I can remember owning Rev 3's and an Evo, the Jgas finds grip in the muddy conditions,had to file off the stops to give better turning lock. Brilliant bike. Just 1 question for the guy's that have owned the Jgas for a while, what fluids are you using, gearbox and pre mix?