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  1. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    Yep, 98204Y will work tho (20x42x9). This is getting way too complicated tho... (and expensive!)
  2. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    Thanks! Here is what I understand: Wheel bearing The Tech Fork has a 20mm axle vs the 25mm on the Gas Gas. So I need to drop in some 6004 bearings in the Gas Gas wheel. Bearing spacer I need a new bearing spacer with an OD / ID that will match the 6004 bearings Wheel Axle I'll need a Tech Axle Fork clamps I'll need adapters to go 40mm to 39mm for the top and bottom clamp (4 of them - I think I saw these somewhere online...) Wheel spacer Not sure if I'll need any spacer to set the wheel centered in for fork and to align the brake disc with the brake caliper. Anything I am missing? Thanks!
  3. Tech fork on 2013 GG

    My zooch is getting pretty beat up (bent sliders, several nicks in the sliders, starting to leak oil...). So I can either keep fixing it (which range to fill in the nicks in the sliders with the usual mail polish trick and replace the oil seals to getting new sliders), but I found a tech fork for a reasonable price. So I am wondering what would it take to put that tech on my GG. Here is my list of questions: Tech is 39mm, Zoock is 40mm, but I know there are adapters Front brake (tech are usually using the braketech setup, mine has the older AJP (?) Will that fit in? Wheel axle - Will the stock GG axle fit? Wheel spacers (that I can probably get made or buy) Am I missing anything? Thanks.
  4. Yeah... Got myself a new bash plate! Then I'll beat the old one into submission as a spare ;-) I have all new rubbers too.
  5. Well, it's a trials steel frame without a lower cradle so it really isn't the stiffest thing around especially at the front (you can bend the thing by hand if you are not careful!). So my welder just makes sure that the crack in the mount is closed (tap it into place with a hammer) and weld it back together. Then the mounting sequence is: drop the engine in the frame, put the swingarm spindle in, put the lower rear engine bolt in, then the front engine mount bolt then the top bracket and slowly tightened everything in the same order a little bit at a time. The challenge will be the bash plate. If it's new (i.e. unmolested) it should drop pretty easy. If it's been bashed (flatened) , then mounting it can range from being a challenge to impossible. In the end my frame could be twisted a bit, but since trials is about riding on crappy terrain with under inflated tires... it doesn't make much difference to me :-) Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks! The kickstart side seems pretty straightforward. One the sprocket side, that looks a little more complicated... If I get it right, on the sprocket shaft there is (starting from the inside of the engine): A 25 x 2.0 o-ring - ME25632025 (#25 on the 1st exploded view below) a 25 x 1.5 o-ring - MT280212025 (#29 on the 1st exploded view below) A bushing - MT280236046 (#24 on the 1st exploded view below). An oil lip seal - ME25636024 (#37 on second exploded view) And to get to all of this, it means removing the left side engine case, which requires removing the ignition cover and the ignition... Anything else? So now that I have the engine out of the frame, that might be a good time to do this service I guess!
  7. 250 to 280 cylinder swap

    PMed you
  8. One of the rear engine mount on my 2013 Gas Gas TXT broke, so the frame is off to the welder to get fixed (bash plate flattened from too much bashing, which spreads out the frame, which in turn puts pressure no the engine mounts and I'd rather have the engine mount break than the engine cases crack!) Now... I could bash on things less, but then I'd have to become a better rider first! So it's a good opportunity to finally do winter maintenance on the bike (which I keep pushing off because of the just incredible weather we've been having here in California). I have a long list of things to do and it includes changing the seals around the kick starter shaft and gear shaft, both of which are seeping oil. Can I do that without taking the engine apart? Thanks.
  9. GasGas TXE

    Here is the Torrot version of the GG TXE (Torrot bought - rescued? - Gas Gas and they make electric bicycles and scooters. https://torrot.com/en/preordermovak
  10. 250 to 280 cylinder swap

    Yeah, altho work isn't as much the problem as the $'s. I need to take the engine out because I have a cracked engine mount at the back (and it's cheaper than buying a new bike) so once the engine is out, changing the jug / piston isn't that big of a job (especially on a 2 stroke!).
  11. GasGas TXE

    The guys at Gas Gas US told me that they expected two different electric trials bike: one with the clutch gearbox (around $12k) and one direct drive (a la Electric Motion). I suspect the direct drive version will be cheaper and positioned to compete against the EM, Mecatecno, etc. Looks like the EM's are popular in France (Europe?) in trials school at the beginner level. No clutch to worry about for the rider, no gas, low maintenance for the school. So my guess (if the information I have is correct) Gas Gas will market the direct drive alongside the Contact and the geared one as a competition model.
  12. 250 to 280 cylinder swap

    I have a buddy selling a brand new 280 cylinder + piston. I am thinking about getting it to upgrade my 250 (2013 TXT Pro). My question is: are the heads the same or do I need to get a new head to? Thanks.
  13. Hi: I sent the crank of my Fantic 300 to be rebuilt to my local shop and the guy said that he can't take it apart. I am not sure of all the details but he says that it's not because there is something wrong with the crank but because he doesn't have a jig that has the right size / shape to accommodate that specific crank (the plate that goes between the two halves to push against). So... Anyone has has a Fantic crank rebuilt in the US and could recommend a shop that could do mine? Thanks.
  14. 18 GG?

    From what I got from the Gas Gas distributor in the USA, there will be two electric bikes coming out in 2018 - one without a clutch / gearbox (à la Electric Motion) in May (in the USA, maybe earlier in Europe) and one with the clutch and gearbox (similar to the one that Marc Colomer rode in Lourde last year) in June / July. http://www.gasgasmotos.es/en/news/780-the-new-gas-gas-electric-trial-bike-to-enjoy.html
  15. Here is what the fork brace looks like compared to a new one... I measured the fork slider tubes for straightness by clamping down the lower fork, putting a micrometer dial on the slider and rotating the slider and it looks like the right side is bent 0.015" (0.4 mm) at the top and the left side 0.005" (0.1 mm). I just put everything together so that when the fork is compress the bend won't pinch the fork and we'll see how it goes.