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  1. SSDT is like the IOMTT, is to Moto GP... an iconic and well respected event, but of no consequence to the Trials GP Championship. Just like the Repsol Honda Moto GP Team isn't going to show up at the IOMTT, the Repsol Honda Trials GP Team isn't coming to the SSDT. The SSDT Organizers might do well to invite some of the top Trials GP riders as guests for the weekend parade and such, as the IOMTT has invited Valentino Rossi and other Moto GP riders in the past, to spectate and take it all in.
  2. Apples and oranges there..... Road racing is speed based and trials is technical riding. A normal punter lapping Assen at a fraction of the speed of Marquez isn't the same thing either....
  3. I know Charlie at the Trials Training Center recommends the flywheel weight for the GG 125. I rode my '17 GG 125 for 6 months, as a 62 year old 180 lbs novice and never really felt a lack of bottom end. That said, I have ridden 125/150 enduro bikes for years , so a 125 trials feel like a tractor in comparison......
  4. I run VP SEF 94 octane unleaded and it seems very stable.
  5. I rode a '17 Gas Gas 125 for the past six months as a 62 year old novice and it did everything I wanted. I switched to a '17 Scorpa, because their full kick start gear makes it easier for me to start, due to my bad knee not getting along with the partial gear on the kicker of the Gas Gas pro motor. I got another 125, as I have no need for more at the lower levels. Good luck!
  6. Spoken like a true New Englander!
  7. Sweet vid, but I was hoping for Smagical/Sarah Smile nose wheelie kiss! Have a great life you two!
  8. " If I'm stuck in the snow in my car, at a standstill on a hill, should I try and pull away in 1st or 6th gear ? " Neither... 2nd definitely, maybe third if you have big engine and more torque.
  10. I have a '17 TXT125 and build quality is comparable to new Sherco/Scorpa models. Maintenance should be about the same, since they have a similar fuel tank/airbox design as the GG now. Question is more about design features and how they would work for you? The kickstart gear design is different, as the GG has only a partial gear, not a full 360 degree one, like a Sherco/Scorpa. Not all people, including myself can start them easily. I have a a twice operated on right knee and I'm short legged. The other difference is the 4/2 tech 6 speed GG gearbox. Dual range with a big jump between 4th and 5th, which requires a careful low rev shift with clutch. Riding the loop on the 125, this becomes a bit of a pain for me, as you need to shift between 4th and 5th more than bigger bikes. Big benefit is the GG diaphragm clutch.... lightest and most progressive in the biz. Sherco/Scorpa has adopted a similar design, but actuated by a push rod from the opposite side of engine, not from the clutch cover. I'm switching to a '17 Scorpa 125SC for ease of starting and more conventional 5 speed gearbox, but these are for personal preference.
  11. Check your foot peg mounts!
  12. TRS has 5 speed as opposed to the GG 6 speed 4/2 tranny.
  13. I have a friend who was race mechanic for an AMA Pro Dirt Track racer. I'll ask him what they used for "Tire Dope", even though it was illegal!
  14. Switched to an Airoh TRR this past summer.... Light, well ventilated and worth every penny!