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  1. I emailed Birketts about a current Scorpa question though their website and never got a reply. You might need to phone them. Mike at the Tryals Shop had some trick SY250's, might want to talk to him about that too.
  2. They are not the same... having different frame, fuel tank and air box for Scorpa and Sherco. The standard models have different forks/same shock and the Factory models have same forks/different shocks. They share the same engines, which were revised for '17 with a diaphragm spring clutch.
  3. I have to agree.... I watched 2016 Belgian GP video and 2017 Spanish GP back to back last night and old FIM vids are better.
  4. Like Patton's tanks out running their supply lines!
  5. Godspeed!
  6. I wanted to ride this, but have a D4 Enduro Series conflict. Hopefully one later this year!
  7. Funny how you always go back to saying the 125 works just fine.... I have to agree!
  8. Airoh TRR is the nicest trials helmet I've worn... So light and well ventilated. I switched last summer from a Jitsie HT1 Polycarbonate, what a difference. Friend just rode in his TRR for the first time today, after wearing a Wulf... He was super impressed.
  9. I had a '17 GG 125 TXT and it has great power, I switched to a '17 Scorpa 125SC because I'm short and my twice operated on right knee didn't get along with Pro motor kickstart gear. You have to be at the top of the stroke every kick, to get it to start consistently. Just a problem for certain riders. The newest version of the Scorpa/Sherco 125 motor, has every bit as much low end and overall power as the new GG.
  10. I'm a 62 year old novice rider, about the same weight and I ride a 125 (Actually my second 125) . In Central NY where I live, weather conditions and the trials we ride are very similar to the UK... Mud most of the year and rocky streams. I could have upgraded to a 200 or a 250, but didn't. I like that it's a little lighter and more nimble.
  12. I'm going to dissent from the others.... At your weight and skill level, I'd go with the 125. If you had a hard time coming to grips with an AJP 240... The 200 might be a bit much for you at this point. Any trials hydraulic clutch is going to feel like a dream, after that cable one on the AJP. Friend has one and I was pretty surprised at how bad the clutch lever was on it.
  13. I would think the Scott Trial prep is similar to the SSDT, as it's somewhat like a single day of the Scottish section wise. Looking at the course map, it is all off road, with no road riding like the Scottish. The mileage is less at around 80 miles, but complicated by the speed/time trial aspect. I'm sure some UK riders who really know will chime in..... Beta SSDT prep info....
  14. SSDT is like the IOMTT, is to Moto GP... an iconic and well respected event, but of no consequence to the Trials GP Championship. Just like the Repsol Honda Moto GP Team isn't going to show up at the IOMTT, the Repsol Honda Trials GP Team isn't coming to the SSDT. The SSDT Organizers might do well to invite some of the top Trials GP riders as guests for the weekend parade and such, as the IOMTT has invited Valentino Rossi and other Moto GP riders in the past, to spectate and take it all in.
  15. Apples and oranges there..... Road racing is speed based and trials is technical riding. A normal punter lapping Assen at a fraction of the speed of Marquez isn't the same thing either....