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  1. a smoky TR280i

    Bad crank seal on clutch side would be your most likely answer.
  2. 1992 Fantic Kroo 250?

    I have a friend who is maybe 5"8" and rides and competes his TY350 with the same bars.... I have no idea how he rides it, having taken a short ride on it?
  3. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Not sure on anything anymore, except if it takes Fajardo another 9 years to win a world round again.... it isn't happening! He definitely seems more comfortable outdoors, than he did indoors. Conversely Gelabert and Bincaz are definitely not showing their indoor form outdoors! I hope he can back it up tomorrow. Busto is a little off the pace in Japan. It seems being an early starter in Japan was an advantage? We'll see what tomorrow brings and if Farjardo can keep it up at the next round in Andorra..... I'll be suitably impressed!
  4. Show Us Your Greeves

    That is a sweet bike!
  5. Observation

  6. Three Scorpa's, Three Clean!

    I hope Gary holds it together and gets the win!
  7. I can't believe I got a 5 day ban for quoting your post on ADV Rider.  Those old NETRA pics have been around forever and that particular one is pretty tame!  I don't know what you got on that deal, but I figure a quote was worth a warning, not a ban.  I'm done direct quoting anything on there!  Be well and ride safe!

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    2. michael_t


      12 years of posting on forums and never banned - I guess they have never seen the cover of Vanity Fair or watched Naked and afraid on the discovery channel - kind of p****d and feel even worse if it has led to other being banned as well :(. 

    3. nhuskys


      Only banned once on TT, for publicly questioning a moderator's summary discipline of a member.  We hit the accept the terms button, so really have no say.  Don't feel bad!  See you on ADV Rider at the end of the week.  I get my hip done tomorrow, so will be wasting time for the next week or so!

    4. michael_t


      I have my first event of the season  on Sunday but threw my back out on the weekend putting in docks for the local paddling club - also have my first sail boat race of the year tomorrow night so really shouldn't be wasting my time on forums anyways! - Good luck with your hip !!! this getting old thing kind of sucks but better than the alternative :).  

  8. E-Pure?

    I was hoping GG would be lowering the price in the future, to make it available to more riders. I guess with people not flinching at the high price of the Alta electric MX bike, all the electric trials bikes are going to the high end?
  9. Goggles or not?

    I sweat a lot and safety glasses don't work for me, as they are closer to your face and fog up. I use Scott over the glasses goggles. I don't wear glasses, but they space the lenses further from my face.
  10. YAMAHA have a new TY

    It's only an endo.... If you flip over!
  11. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    http://www.trsmotorcycles.com/TRRS1252018 There is a "ONE" model of the TRS 125. You can see the differences.... carb, shock etc in the spec sheet. I'm guessing with the limited numbers of 125's sold, Jim Snell decided to just bring in the "RR" model this year.
  12. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    Thank you for the offer! I don't think I'll make those this year. Are you going back next year to TTC for Trials Training Days? I'm planning on next year. I forgot to add... Congratulations on the new bike and enjoy!
  13. Arthritic fingers ?

    Plus one on both! S3 digit levers work best for my old arthritic hands!
  14. TRS 125 riding impressions?

    I'm right in the same age range and and been riding trials for 2 years. I have owned newer Gas Gas and Scorpa 125's. The newest generation of 125's will do just about anything an aged Novice/Intermediate rider needs to do and I imagine the TRS 125 is right there with them. I had a Yamaha TY175 which is an awesome bike, but a new 125 is so much easier to ride and I sold the TY to concentrate on riding modern trials. I hope to get a ride on a TRS 125 sometime, but my local TRS dealer doesn't plan on having one this season. My '18 Scorpa 125 Factory is everything I want and need right now anyway! Go buy one, you won't regret it!
  15. Best trials bike for 2018?

    125 is a keeper for me!