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  1. What brand dubbin do you recommend?
  2. Oil capacity discussed in this thread.....
  3. Who is your dealer? That's the place to start asking. Those bikes just got to RYP a week and a half ago and were shipped out to the dealers. My '18 Scorpa 125 Factory got to the Tryals Shop last week. I've ridden it twice and haven't even looked at the owners manual yet. On my '17 Scorpa, the manual was for a '16 and not very comprehensive.
  4. Good info in this thread on ADV Rider.....
  5. The difference between a downhill MTB helmet and a motorcycle helmet is just as you say... 20# bicycle versus 200# motorcycle falling on your head. FIM is requiring full face helmets for Youth riders starting this year, so expect a decent full face Trials helmet to be coming along soon.
  6. Busto was very on at first FIM X-Trial, so I'm not sure if it's the bike? Cool to see Gelabert riding so well!
  7. He looked pretty on at first X-Trial round!
  8. I'm just starting to work on this myself, but the weather here isn't cooperating and I'm in between bikes! I look at it as a progression of skills.... Use your clutch control to work on just holding pressure when you ride over a small log or rock and don't let the front come right down. Then add in a little rear brake to pause for a second holding pressure at the top off the obstacle. Then some clutch and throttle to jump off the obstacle still holding pressure, instead of rolling off or just dropping the front end. You're now well on your way to hopping and when you have this down you can apply it without the obstacle. I think this is an easier way to put the skills together, than just beating the crap out of yourself on a slight incline or the flat.
  9. Thank you heffergm! $49.02 US for the season pass, so $7 US a trial for the remaining events. PayPal made it painless, so I'm in!
  10. I see the explanation of the season pass, but don't see a link to purchase it? The only links I see are to purchase the individual events. Could someone point it out?
  11. "As for Cabestany, I wonder if we'll see him in the WTC?" TrialGP posted on instagram.... "Super happy to keep @cabes in @trialgp family for 2018"
  12. When I first tried trials, I wore my Sidi Discovery Rain boots which I had bought for Dual Sport and trail work. I switched Gaerne and after a time, I just found they were too slipper like for my feet, lacking protection and support. I went with the new Alpinestars Tech T, after a year and a quarter with lots of riding.... I think they are a very good choice. They have a better level of support and protection than Sidi and Gaerne. Top price, but worth every Penny in my book.
  13. US rider Dennis Sweeten rode the Pre 65 and SSDT last year.
  14. Nothing sucks on the loop, like a GG Pro 125 6 speed..... Sometimes 5th isn't enough for a steep hill and shifting between 4th and 5th sucks! My Scorpa 125SC 5 speed is way better.