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  1. " If I'm stuck in the snow in my car, at a standstill on a hill, should I try and pull away in 1st or 6th gear ? " Neither... 2nd definitely, maybe third if you have big engine and more torque.
  2. http://trialspartsusa.com/
  3. I have a '17 TXT125 and build quality is comparable to new Sherco/Scorpa models. Maintenance should be about the same, since they have a similar fuel tank/airbox design as the GG now. Question is more about design features and how they would work for you? The kickstart gear design is different, as the GG has only a partial gear, not a full 360 degree one, like a Sherco/Scorpa. Not all people, including myself can start them easily. I have a a twice operated on right knee and I'm short legged. The other difference is the 4/2 tech 6 speed GG gearbox. Dual range with a big jump between 4th and 5th, which requires a careful low rev shift with clutch. Riding the loop on the 125, this becomes a bit of a pain for me, as you need to shift between 4th and 5th more than bigger bikes. Big benefit is the GG diaphragm clutch.... lightest and most progressive in the biz. Sherco/Scorpa has adopted a similar design, but actuated by a push rod from the opposite side of engine, not from the clutch cover. I'm switching to a '17 Scorpa 125SC for ease of starting and more conventional 5 speed gearbox, but these are for personal preference.
  4. Check your foot peg mounts!
  5. TRS has 5 speed as opposed to the GG 6 speed 4/2 tranny.
  6. I have a friend who was race mechanic for an AMA Pro Dirt Track racer. I'll ask him what they used for "Tire Dope", even though it was illegal!
  7. Switched to an Airoh TRR this past summer.... Light, well ventilated and worth every penny!
  8. I went from Gaerne Balance Oiled to the new Alpinestar Tech T and prefer them. They have a steel shank in the sole, which offers more support and are still flexible enough to feel the pegs. Extra layer on toes make for no pressure when shifting. Great boot!
  9. I have both, but have made more progress as a rider on my modern bike and this has helped me with my twin shock bike. Twin shock trials are definitely more laid back, than modern trials....
  10. Durty Dabbers Trials Club is a couple hours away from you, so maybe they have some members closer to you? http://www.durtydabbers.com/ Good luck!
  11. I've been riding my '17 GG in the mud all fall and only have some small spatters of mud in my airbox.
  12. The Durty Dabbers Trials Club is only a little over 2 hours from you. A lot more D6 trials action north and east of you. Miller Ranch Trials Series in Corning, is 3.5 hours away and a lot of D4 Trials, Niagara Trials Riders, Empire Trials Club events not much further.
  13. I have a '17 Gas Gas 125 and it's been a great bike for me as an older novice. Good power, especially the low end, suspension works very nicely, stable at speed and turns well.... Very confidence inspiring! Great package!
  14. Mine is on both boots, but only on the white upper, not the foot portion. I haven't ridden in real wet, but they have gotten damp in wet grass and mud.
  15. I have the same colorway and my white on the side of the boots is similar looking. I've ridden at least 20 hours in them and they seem to be holding up fine. I figured the side was cut from a less than perfect hide and it's more cosmetic than anything. I love these boots compared to my Gaerne boots, I'm just going to keep wearing them until they fall to bits and I think that may be longer than you think. I got such a good deal from Freestyle Extreme, I'm happy. With that said, I hope you get the resolution you want on your boots. Good luck!