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  1. Engine Paint

    I use rustoleum bbq paint. Stays on and looks good. Got it on Amazon
  2. Sherpa T mod 183 bent swingarm.

    The ag bikes alloy swing arm is a copy of a works bike. Ag has the actual bike in his collection. Ag bikes are located in north yorkshire uk
  3. BSA C15 Timing Side Bush

    Yes you should be able to tell. There will be a close fitting washer on the crank which if you remove it you will see the rollers cage behind it. The washer is a precision fit inside the bearing outer as it keeps the oil in. Hope this helps
  4. 4rt steaming like a kettle

    Sounds like a blockage and not circulating
  5. bsa c15 clutch

    I have 2 engines with the Pete Kirby belt drive clutch. Money well spent. Nice and progressive no slip no oil to leak don't need a gasket. Fit and forget. I also have a alloy one from Burton's its better than a standard one and a lot lighter but nowhere near as good as the Kirby clutch.
  6. Sherpa T mod 183 bent swingarm.

    AG bikes in the UK do an alloy one
  7. Too old to rockn roll.

    62 here and bouncing not to bad. Made a return after about 30 years things have changed a lot
  8. BSA Frame

    Don't know who built that but Jim pickering does the Drayton c15 frame Really nice and well made at a good price
  9. Tiger cub Kickstart

    Try bob at upb
  10. TL125 Speedo parts troubles

    Honda mtx 125/200 looks the same
  11. Trial GP - UK Round 2018

    Why not make the Scott a world round. Now that's a trial
  12. Bicycle Computer Speedometer

    I use a garmin edge GPS cycle computer. no wires works great. Have two mounts so I can swap back to mtb easily. Got it on line cheap as new model had come out
  13. Pre 65- Can I use AJS stormer wheel!

    Seen one used in a Drayton c15 at scottish pre 65 this year so must be ok
  14. Any Yamaha TY experts out there-help needed

    Give Eddie a ring. If he says it's right it's right
  15. Best shocks

    I've just put some rockshox on my Drayton c15. Way better than the betors I had on i seem to be able to feel more what the tyres doing. Well impressed. Give Gary fleckney a call nice chap and very helpful