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  1. Get yourself a Pete Kirby clutch and you won't need oil. Got one in my c15 just brilliant
  2. Make a bung out of plastic or rubber and put a tube through I t for a breather. Look on Duncan McDonald s cub site he does one with a breather pipe but not sure if it's a push fit or screw in. Have fun
  3. Be ok if it's cheap. You never can tell with auctions
  4. Looked at that on Sunday. Crank cases stamped c15s. Barrel looks like mx. Not many fins and square. It's a right bitsa
  5. Your correct the holes face the rear of engine. Blind bush idea sounds ok to me
  6. Get some stansnotubes sealer from a mtb shop great stuff. Google it and look at their videos
  7. Is he still a mate
  8. If john bliss has built this it wont fall apart
  9. Defo the 70s. I was there some where. Thats barry watsons bmw in the foreground. Cant remember year it was. He later sold it to dick horner