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  1. Ossa engine oil type/grade

    Cheers again for the info will try post a picture on now it’s finished.
  2. Ossa engine oil type/grade

    Cheers for the info im on with the registration so will keep you posted how i get on. One more question if you can put some light on it. I’ve fitted the new clutch now but when I’ve tried it without the bike running its not that easy to push when in gear with the clutch lever pulled in, dose the clutch run different when the bikes running. I’ve tried to adjust the new clutch up to what i thinks rite by looking at the ossa engineering, it is heavy but from what I’ve read that seems normal. Tks Martin
  3. Ossa engine oil type/grade

    Cheers for the reply will try and get some tomorrow. I have just started the process of trying to get a v5 etc for my bike by sending pics and a form down to v m c Stafford, have you ever had to do this process on a bike?
  4. Ossa engine oil type/grade

    Hi Just seeing if anyone can tell me what grade or type of engine oil I should put in my Ossa TR77 Verde 250 1979. I’m fitting new clutch plates tomorrow that are coming from inmotion but just wanted to make sure on the oil before refill etc. I have tried to look in to this but it seems to be mixed reviews on what should be used.
  5. Hi just finishing my tr 77 verde after 16 months of hard work and I am having problems getting the rear mudguard to fit as it looks like it might need to be trimmed around the rear pipe just before the silencer. Is this correct and also dose the silencer sit very close to the tyre. Appreciate it if anyone can cast any light on it. Thanks Martin
  6. Ossa Verde air filter

    Thanks your help again most appreciated. Is it the Verde you have yourself or is it the mar. Thanks Martin
  7. Ossa Verde air filter

    Hi just seeing if anyone can tell me how the air box is bolted to the frame, do the bolts go through the side panel then through the air box cover and then through the air box itself. It’s hard work trying to get this bike back together with no manual lol. Thanks Martin

    Cheers for that I will get some ordered this week. Had a look at the tensioner and mine looks like it is a fixed one its just worn out a bit, it dose have little thin tube sticking out from the swinging arm that I'm not sure what its for. The little tube is properly welded into the frame and has a little hole drilled straight through. Thanks, Martin

    Hi just seeing if anybody can tell me what the tyre and sprocket sizes should be on a Ossa 250 Verde 1979 please. Also am I rite in thinking that the chain tensioner bolts onto the chain guard. Thanks, Martin
  10. Identifying Ossa Model

    Cheers yeh a was thinking that with the mudguards or was thinking of spraying them but a know its not really ideal for plastic. I saw one on Sunday at Stafford Show and that had the light green mudguards. Is that what i need to look for on line amal mk2 is there know numbers ect. Do you have a verde model yourself at the minute, if so do you have any pictures of it online. This verde model seems to be really hard to get info on theres only yourself who knows everything about them.
  11. Identifying Ossa Model

    Cheers for the info I have downloaded the manual now. Do you happen to know what the paint code is for the verde, no probs if not as a can try and get a colour match on a little bit I've found on inner of the frame. I am also trying to find what carb it is am thinking its a Bing 84 from looking into it. Really sorry for all the questions but this is the first ossa I have ever owned and am learning each day about them.
  12. Identifying Ossa Model

    Cheers for that, have just tyed your link but a cant seem to get it in English version. Looks like there is a tab for English but doesn't seem to let me tap on it
  13. Identifying Ossa Model

    That's brilliant thanks very much I can now crack on with the restoration. Do you have any idea where would be best for a owners manual for a verde or is it the same engine as in the mar. I've had a look online for a download and also on eBay but seems like these verde' are rare
  14. Identifying Ossa Model

    Hi just seeing if anyone can help I have recently got an ossa that is in bits and I am not 100% sure that the model is what I think it is. I have matching frame and engine numbers but when I have looked at a full list of ossa numbers they don't seem to be on there. I am thinking its a verde frame number starts with B-70.