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  1. I have read many references to SY250Rs that were modified by Birketts. Unfortunately, nowhere have I seen it posted what all these mods were. Does anyone know what mods were done, and if they could still be viable today or just not cost effective?
  2. eBay an original type.
  3. You might consider carefully polishing the o ring area of the shaft using Scotchbrite or super fine sandpaper. Then, use tne original o ring to get a size for it, then try a firmer rubber compound such as a 90 duro type. Then again, if the case has corrosion pits in the o ring groove, it may be best to modify the case for a seal.
  4. Steve Fracy tried to quote a previous post of mine. Somehow he added an additional paragraph that was not part of the original and doubtful it was written and posted by me. Like Fake News, Steves post is false and misleading. The post was placed Friday at 5:34 pm.
  5. You make many good points. The recent Nazi / White Supremists is a very recent event. Yes Trump could have come straight out and immediately condemned that group. He did stumble in his response, though I never saw anywhere he endorsed their actions. On a grander scale, I speculate the meetings about what happened went far more in depth, possibly to the point of will this turn into another set of riots and looting as we have seen in the past in LA and other cities. Very possibly, as he stumbled, the facts and details were still uncertain. As for firing members of his team, no doubt the hinges on several doors will soon need changing. We can read and speculate all we want. I suspect some of the people walked because the intensity of current events and uncertainty of being on a winning or losing agenda directed their longterm goals. Others have made statements that warranted being fired. Time will tell if he is keeping his best people or building a losing team. We are now seeing other groups step away because they do not align with his comments or statements. This leaves me a bit perplexed. If everyone quits as the going gets tough, nothing difficult will be accomplished. Be very cautious how you bring Obamcare into your posts. While our politicians can not get it repealed, or decide on a better replacement, the program itself is seeing the supporting pillars failing. On the outside, things look good on paper some times. Reality seems to be taking its toll on Obamacare. Trump wants medical coverage to be there. He does not oppose that. The fundamental costs are what is going to bring Obamacare to an end. The insurance companies, those that are involved with the program are pulling out, either entirely or largely. No doubt because the money is not there for them. As Trump and other business folks study this, they see a boat with holes, and few bucket to bail, and no means to plug the holes. Word is California residents have seen costs increases of 25% over 2 years. More than most can burden so now they are considering the lesser cost of paying tne penalty and going with no insurance. Obamacare was not truly medical coverage, it was in esscence, just another tax on citizens. As disgraceful as you see him, myself, I find his plans to help veterans something long over due. Trump has set his sights on revoking unfair trade deals and strived to level the playing field for the American worker. In doing this, he is proving he can bring jobs back to the USA, and tnat is not something anyone can credit Obama for. Citizens, know there is a serious problem with illegals. Trump and his team have worked to ensure that simple laws of the USA are enforced, and if it results in deporting, then those sent back needed to realize the possible consequence before heading for the USA. Trump has vowed to get inner city crime under control, and along with that, do all possible to reduce the known hard core drug problem within the USA. The man proposes to rebuild our aging and failing infastructure, and is signing legislation to make it happen. What you deem as disgraceful, many would consider that opinion in line with those of the spoiled children and teenagers. True working Americans tend to welcome improvement, and while loyalty to the Democratic or Republican side is often a driving force, almost every American welcomes the previously mentioned change. I welcome the day, and hope it is soon, when those that disrespect the USA, what it was founded on and what it represents to us are no longer brought into the limelight with expectations. A footbal player, that is a US citizen or other sports figuire, or anyone that choices not to respect the US Flag and what it stands for has that right, but at the same time should be asked to not attend opening cerimonies, simply as they are truly not welcome there. Let them sit in the locker room. Schools that no longer pledge allegiance to the flag. If the student is a foreigner that is understandable, but as a US citizen, each of us is expected to do anything need to defend this country. Our money, and from long ago, it has always stated, "In God We Trust". Ironic, every religion derms a god. I believe even satan worshipers. There is not specific gods named mentioned, not Zues, satan Allah, or any. People need to accept and move forward. The true disgrace will be watching as each group with an agenda comes forward, only to find, true Americans do not back down. We tolerate to a point, and when the threshold is met, things end or happen quickly. Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner, interesting and a role model to some. Enough so that people expect sex change individuals to be allowed in the military. The military has very defined criteria regarding health requirements. If you do not meet them, whether male, or female, you are not allowed in. A sex change person easily fails the requirements, so now the rules should be changed, no. That would be a disgrace. Possibly Belgium is tolerant and allows sex change soldiors. If the world were perfect and everyone was truly happy, it could be wonderful. Unfortunately that is a fantasy that is as old as man. When I live in a country of millions, made up of many races and religions, I see the huge majority of people that get along very well, while having differences of opinions. Nothing is perfect, though I do suspect if more positive topics regarding news, politics and current events were shown or read, that good would be very contageous, finding the proverbial good over evil. All the best for you amd your country, currently as screwed up as we may be, there is no big enticement to have Americans move there. All the best to you.
  6. To some extent I believe this. I would never say the man is perfect or without fault. I will say that he has at times been placed in a position where he can not please everyone nor make a statement that accomodates all and if no statement is made, he is scorned for doing nothing. As I read or see photos about terrorism, or wack jobs stabbing, killing or using cars as weapons in other countries, it is sad to see how others all around the world also have little respect for life. You might focus on the USA and Trump as you feel is incompetent. Are we seeing other world leaders making all the correct statements and actions? Probably not. The way Austrailia is headed with the ousting of politicians on account of dual citizenship, that seems to be another hot topic, and is either a blessing or curse depending on how you consider the politicians agenda.
  7. But wait, there's more.
  8. And now we have people wanting George Washington and other statues removed and parks renamed. Because they were a part of slavery by having slaves. But in the same context, weren't these same slaves sold by there own people, then placed on ships. There is no way to erase history. A wise person accepts history, learns from it and appreciates what it may have given them. This past week may be the tip of the iceburg, already seeing topics to remove statues and all evidence of Martin Luther King since he opposed same sex marraige. I know there are a lot of streets that will be renamed and a lot of statues either destroyed or taken down. People should take a deep breath and then think clearly about all of this.
  9. Ironic, as poor as he appears to others, there are many others that see progress and improvement in the short time he has been President. Any person bombarded by the constant turmoil will never make a decision that is approved by everyone. I doubt an alignment like that has happened since December 7, 1941. We came close on 9-11, sadly the lives lost have been a short term cost that so many people simply accept. If Trump or any person can fully unite this country, great things will happen. My news info differs from your quite a bit. I am not watching late night comedy, but rather have seen documented history of a political party endorsing what is now hated and the root cause of the violence and destruction. Seeing recent presidential ads displaying Confederate Flags, and conventions lined with KKK members. Then to see what was previously accepted by that party, to now be condemned by that party, and those that support the Democratic Party, and elected those politicians that supported these racial items, to now be totally opposed while still supporting those that endorse it is very disturbing. I have also read, and sadly this makes the most sense, since there is nothing I find that kindle a flame that turned into an inferno, just must wonder if what we see is radical groups paid money to demonstrate and cause crisis. Very sad if this is the root cause to create the issues and bring such hatred forward.
  10. Pretty nieve to think this is something new. Those groups have been around a long time in all sorts of places, not just in the USA. Like any other religion, provided it remains within the group no one steps up to oppose it. The world is full of extreme groups that have their beliefs that deviate from what others consider acceptable and normal, it is not USA only type problem. Also, as you quoted me, I never once mentioned either to be ok. Only just recent events have brought them into the spotlight.
  11. The bike is together, and now has a bit of ride time around the yard. No issues, and very pleased with it. When I went to buy spark plugs weeks ago, I thought I got the correct one. I searched the internet quickly and found recommendations from heat range 8 to 5. I read that BP6ES was correct, and it did cross reference to the ages old Champion N9YC I removed. I now suspect, having seen other references to BP7ES being correct. I have pretty much ruled out the heat range 5 and 8. So, for a 1973 MAR 250, is it a NGK BP6ES or BP7ES? Ready to get the jetting fully sorted out, and prefer to do it on the truly correct plug.
  12. Had a look at how Trailtech does the sensor and magnet install. They glue the magnet to the hub and position the sensor on the brake cable. This is for cable operated drum brakes same as the OSSA MAR of mine. Downside, the Cateye computer I have would need the wires extended, or I need to find a long wire kit. Not really wanting to splice the harness. Done it before on bicycles and those wires are tiny. Need to get by Aldi and see the wireless one they offer.
  13. I saw your photo in another section, I think the machined parts topic. This being a vintage machine, the front brake is cable operated and snakes around a bit. Also, how did you mount the sensor close enough to the magnet on the wheel. Do you have a photo of the fork and wheel setup.
  14. Took a little bit of Google search effort, but no big deal. These computers you mentioned are known as Bikemate brand, and here in the USA are carried by Aldi stores. My thought is Lidl and Aldi may be the same company or related. While traveling a couple of years ago, we did pick up some items in Aldi while in Ireland. Locally, Aldi has a store very close to home. On a downside, Aldi built the warehouse and distribution facility very close to home, and in doing so, tore down a large wooded area I used as a riding area.
  15. I had mounted the computer I dug out of my bicycle stuff. On the OSSA it needed to mount to the left of the left side bar mount. In regards to the magnet and pickup, normally the gap must be pretty close for it to operate. With the sensor nearer the top of the fork leg, how were you able to get the magnet close enough to work.