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  1. Well thanks for the replies. I'm currently just at the beggining of the visa process and hopefully heading for Adelaide I decide 100% I want to go ahead with it. It's great news to hear there's a good trials scene out there. I don't know whether to try and bring my bike out with me, or buy one out there. It all depends on the timing and whether I'm wanting a new bike at the time. I've spent quite a bit of time in oz mostly SA (have family there) and everytime I go out into the country, I just walk about looking and thinking how good the sections could be out there lol. Well it's good to know that I will fit in. Cheers.
  2. I can find it in catalogues on but can't find anywhere to actually buy it from!
  3. What's the trials scene like there? Many clubs / trials? What about getting hold of new bikes? Easy enough?
  4. Maybe I shall go with the Raga then.
  5. Is the Raga much better then? Seems it by the responses. Only thing is, it'll be an outdated model even though it'll be new.
  6. I have the choice of a brand new 2008 300 pro, or a brand new 2007 300 raga. Similar prices. What would you go for? I'm leaning towards the pro, as I don't think the changes in the raga will make much if any difference to me, and it's an older model. But then again, it's slightly more special. I can't decide. What would you choose?
  7. It normally depends which way the sections are laid out. I have ridden with and gainst the flow of water more times then I'd like to remember.
  8. There are pro's and con's for both. I personally prefer punch cards. The main reason is that on some trials, where it isn't mandetory to do all sections in order, you know what you have and haven't done. Also, you know how many you have dropped, it doesn't matter if they get wet, and scores can be worked out whilst the riders are on their final laps (if 2 sets of punch cards are used). Cheating can be done though (if you feel that way inclined) pretty easily, though many clubs use certain shaped clippers for certain section numbers, therefore, this can make cheating obvious. The boards are good, as it's slightly quicker and the observer doesn't have to move to punch the rider. If they are waterproof it's not a problem, though many aren't. Also, if the observer isn't very observant, he/she can miss your number and sometimes you cannot hear them shout you for it. I think most clubs go with the boards though, well, they do here in the southwest anyway.