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  1. Placement of stickers/decals

    Hi all, I just wanted to update this thread as I have pretty much finished my tank and side covers. I ended up getting the large Bultaco name and small round Sherpa stickers from Rob at Motoresto. I wish I had got them all from him as I had real issues getting the 2K clear coat to stick to the other vinyl stickers I got as part of a kit, it sort of pooled up and started to run off. I'll probably end up lightly taking some P2000 wet to sand the blobs over those and see if I can make it any better but obviously I want to go easy. So, if any one else reads this in years to come, a big thumbs up from me for Motoresto. Overall the paint is millions times better then before so I'm happy to move onto the seat next Cheers
  2. New member, bought an old Sherco

    Sounds lean. The first thing I would do is turn the mixture screw out a couple of turns and see if it solves the problem. If it's more than 2.5 turns out and you don't see any difference check the jets are the right size as copemech said. The check for air leaks. Start by squirting soapy water around the inlet manifold while it's running. There are billions of results on the web about steps after that but as you say it runs well so to me it sounds like idle mixture screw.
  3. Placement of stickers/decals

    Wow that looks great. Where did you get the little sherpa T stickers for the side panels?
  4. Placement of stickers/decals

    fourex, what is that sticker between the filer cap and the steering? Great pics by the way, really useful
  5. Placement of stickers/decals

    Thanks fourex, I didn't get it from Peter but it might be the same kit. That photo is the best I have seen for me bike, and it's certainly the same bike as mine which is comforting. Hmm, that's a worry that the tank sticker is smaller, I'll line it up and try to compare to the pictures. It doesn't have the world cup sticker but that doesn't appear on the brocher either by the look of it. Thanks
  6. Placement of stickers/decals

    Thanks model80. Is that 45 degrees CW(/) or CCW (\)
  7. Placement of stickers/decals

    Hi everyone, I'm getting close to applying the decals to my tank and side panels. The sticker kit I have has some bits I'm not sure about. I've had a rummage through the undergarments of the internet but surprisingly can't find any close ups of the top of the tank. My bike is a M158. Does anyone know where the "sherpa" sticker goes? How about the "made in spain" sticker? Finally, the side cover stickers have an arrow next to the 250 text, yet all of the 158s I see photos of don't have that. I guess I should just cut that off? Cheers
  8. 340 Dellorto carb settings

    Hi fourex, Yeah I was just in the garage looking at my Sherco 250 which has a delly 26 on it and thought the same thing. I have the 28 kicking around though I'll probably try it anyway as the original Amal mk2 is so worn. If neither of those work properly I'll probably lump up the massive $99 for a OKO, I've heard good things about those.
  9. 340 Dellorto carb settings

    I'll be putting a Dellorto PHBH 28 on my sherpa 250 soon, so the above is very useful info. I'll be sure to update with my findings as well.
  10. Bultaco Sherpa Shocks

    I sure do, I have no use for them. I'm actually looking for a set of used trails shocks for my Sherpa.
  11. Bultaco Sherpa Shocks

    Thanks feetupfun. I got an email from Robin at Falcon. It turned out these are MX shocks with 80 engraved on the springs which is way to heavy for my weight on a trails bike. Ne did say I had them on the wrong way around but that didn't help the damping. I'm on the look out for another set I think. Cheers
  12. Bultaco Sherpa Shocks

    Sorry to revive this old thread but I have related question. I have a set of falcons on my Sherpa that need rebuilding, having no damping. They came with the bike I am restoring. Before I go to that effort I thought I would ask if anyone knows if these look like trials or MX shocks, as they are very stiff (even for MX really). They have no markings or model numbers that I can see on them. I don't want to go to the effort of servicing them if I can't use them on the bully. Cheers
  13. Sherco 250 twistgrip

    Thanks everyone, looks like I need to become a better rider then.
  14. Sherco 250 twistgrip

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I did have a search. Did the 2007 Sherco 250 come with fast (white) or slow (black) throttle? Thanks
  15. Sherpa T 250 Conrod sideplay

    So, since doing the work to the crank I've been thinking that the crank I have must be from an earlier bully with two bearings on each side. The ridge visible must have been the line where the second bearing came up to. So now I'm worried that by taking off what ever metal I have I've put the shaft out of round, not to mention what ever else dimensions might be different with this crank. There is a friend of a friend that I will be able to take this to, hopefully I will be able to compare with the correct crank, and also check for run out on the shaft. I'll keep you posted.