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  1. Newbie woes. Ahem . . .

    . . . I accidentally deleted the thread when trying to juggle all the replies. Does anyone know how to get it back? Ha, not my weekend, is it? Anyway, thanks for all the replies fellahs. I will try Peak Classic again. I was at Dudwood a month or two ago and tried every section more than once, but it was really way too much and I 5ed everything, badly. In future I'll maybe only attempt those that look like a reasonable challenge or treat them as 'gentleman's routes' if possible, tho my nature is to want to complete things properly so I have to fight my tendency to get a bit frustrated at my own perceived "failure". I also think I need to learn to do a tactical dab properly. I find I'm a bit all or nothing currently. I have done a Manchester 17 dead easy, and will look out for more of these, tho there's not one I can go to until September, Ditto with Barnsley's beginner events.
  2. Dead easy trial (Beginners)

    My 2nd trial ever. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to the organisers!
  3. Cota 248 steering head bearings

    Done. I needed a 32mm spanner. No other dismantling needed to get to it. Saying that I had a slim 32mm spanner that I bought to undo a cooling fan on a BMW I once had.
  4. Cota 248 steering head bearings

    Recently bought a 1980 Cota 248 and v pleased with it. Just doing a bit of fettling tho and I noticed the steering head bearings are a bit loose, ie there's a little bit of play when I rock the bars. I presume they're new but want to tighten them up. Any advice? Is it just a case of loosen the top clamp (or take it off?) then tighten the head fastener? I thought the steering a bit too lively so this might help.
  5. 248 manual?

    What's the nearest thing to a manual for these? I've got something v basic from the internet but I wondered if there's anything like a manual available.
  6. Montesa Cota 348 Clutch

    I think the 349 is just a bigger bore version of the 248. I'm even wondering if I can up-CC mine at some point if I want to, but that's a thread for another time..
  7. Clutch drag - Montesa Cota 248

    Thanks bud, I've jumped on the other thread now. It seems the brass plunger is the likely culprit.
  8. Montesa Cota 348 Clutch

    Hi there, I have a similar problem with my 248. I can't find neutral and rolling the bike backwards is an effort. How easy is it to get at the brass plunger to replace it?
  9. Clutch drag - Montesa Cota 248

    It's got ATF in it right now. Is that more or less viscous than the 10w30 recommended in the old manual?
  10. Clutch drag - Montesa Cota 248

    Just bought this 1980 Monty 248. All appears cool so far, but a little bit of clutch drag is a bit of pain. Put it in gear and it's noticeable to the extent it's hard to roll backwards and tricky to find neutral. Any idea of possible causes?
  11. An old noob in Sheffield

    Hi all, just bought a Montesa 248 twinshock. Never ridden trials before. Let the adventure begin. If anyone knows any possible practice grounds in the area, gimme a shout!