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  1. On my '97 phbh the air screw is just under two turns out and the throttle stop is 4.25 turns out. I started by setting the throttle screw so it just barely contacted the slide and had the air screw at one turn out.
  2. Hi all: Just signed up on TrialsCentral! I picked up a 97 Montesa Cota 315r on craigslist the other day. It's in need of some love, but the price was right. Waiting on some dellorto parts to arrive to get the carb running properly, but in the meantime, I'll be practicing my balance on the front lawn. Something clicked for me yesterday and I'm now able to balance the bike for a few minutes with the bars going either direction. I'm really looking forward to enter a local event at the end of May. Looking forward to being on this forum and learning all I can. Thanks very much. D