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  1. Thank you, I just checked and I found it. I found it before as well, but there is no image, no item description, so I don't if the carb is the one I'm looking for. I just dropped them line to see if they can send some photos and more details. Thank you once again!
  2. Hello,

    I'm sorry to bother you, but I just saw your answer to a question in the forum. I also have a SCORPA T-RIDE 250 SEF, year 2008 and I'm looking for a carburetor VHST 28 mm es DELL ORTO, with accelerator pump. You said you know someone who has one (that was last year). Do you know somehow if he still has the carburetor? I would like to buy it. Or, maybe you could direct me toward another person. I already contacted Nigel Birkett and waiting for his reply.
    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you,

  3. Hello, I also have a SCORPA T-RIDE 250 SEF, year 2008 and I'm looking for the same carburetor VHST 28 mm es DELL ORTO, with accelerator pump, but it's impossible to find one online. Does anyone know where I can find the carburetor or another one that I can use instead? Or a repair kit to fix the carburator I already have? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thank you!