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  1. Thank you for all your answers and messages... got it sussed now.
  2. Thank you... perfect. by my working out that's 100ml's putoline to 5 ltrs petrol.... did 120/130 and it runs ok but oil up after running and job to start again, clean plug and away she goes again. much appreciated.
  3. Thank you for info. what mix is that, using fully synthetic oil? how many ML's to 5 LTRS please. and what spark plug for D14 head?
  4. surley someone knows!
  5. Hi members. will someone tell me the best spark plug to use in a bantam 175 for trials use? and the best petroil mix using fully synthetic 2 stroke oil? ???ml per 5 litres petrol. Paul
  6. Hi from sprocket62 - Diss Norfolk. username because I have just bought another trials bantam and it has a 62 tooth rear sprocket, so that's as good-a-name as any. Also that's my e-mail address with yahoo and a dot com on the Hope to meet some of you members in the future or at trials in the Eastern Centre. Paul C