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  1. Thanks. Did the research. 93 pump gas it is. think Sunoco has a 94. Ethanol is the big issue. I try to ride at least a week and the bike are stored inside my shop which is heated and air conditioned. I'll run the bowl dry after riding. Should be fine. 1/2 VP Isn't that expensive. Makes 10 gallons of reduced ethanol fuel.I think our fuel is 6% ethanol here. Lots of riding with that.
  2. Maybe VP C-14 50/50 with pump gas? Is it even that critical?
  3. What fuel are people using in their bikes? Manufacturer wants 98 octane unleaded which is not available at the pumps in the US. Am I going to ethanol free race fuel at $15/gal? What are you guys doing?
  4. The 300 does. The 2015 260 does not. Came with a seat though! 😂
  5. Simple question. How much faster is the fast throttle? What are the advantages and disadvantages of slow and fast. I'm riding a montesa 260 4rt. Ordered a fast domino to try out so I'll find out on my own soon enough but would appreciate some feedback and opinions on this subject.✊️
  6. Love the tether!
  7. Thanks PJC. We climb on rocks, ride in streams and climb slick muddy slopes while pretty much wearing yoga pants! Tell me about being rational again!🤔. I'm really hoping they change the color...🤣👍🏼
  8. I'll do my best to compare and share. 👍
  9. I love it! Wobbler it is 🤣
  10. Is Wobbler a word for a bad trials rider or any trials rider?!
  11. Best looking bike ever! The Repsol, in my opinion, is great looking as well. The TRS color scheme is butt ugly. That being said, I just laid down my money on an RR. So not not a deal breaker for me. I do wish the color selection was more inspired.
  12. The spring and ball are for the shift detent. Not a drain.
  13. Does anyone out there have information regarding the changes to the 2018 TRS Raga from the 2017 bikes? Trying to make a decision on whether to wait for the 18 or buy the discounted 17. All opinions and comments welcomed and appreciated...✊️
  14. The bike holds what, 570ml of fluid. One liter pretty much gets you two changes a season and it provides you with a clutch that operates correctly. Super smooth. There is no substitute.. bite the bullet.🙂✊️
  15. Jrsunt- It would be a big help to people that are new to this bike if you could be more specific about what it will and will not do? It's my first trials bike in thirty five years so I really have no baseline about its strengths or weaknesses.. other than the weight of course.. ordered a 2018 TRS RR this past weekend. Going to try that out. Keeping the montesa for my son.