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  1. Hi, Most likely I misunderstood!
  2. Thanks for your reply, checked the threads with an over length Allen bolt and all ok. Motor now back in the frame and beginning to look like a motorbike again. Onwards and upwards Pete Ludlow, UK
  3. Thanks for taking a look. I will widen my search to include M26 and M75. Pete Update: InMotion are having a batch produced so I have added my name to the list. Whilst writing, my cylinder head has 6 holes - 4 line up with the studs which is fine, the other 2 fore and aft of the plug match up to threaded holes in the barrel but no bolts and no mention of these holes in the manual. Is it a case of one head for all models? Pete
  4. Thanks for taking a look. I will widen my search to include M26 and M75. Pete
  5. Ah, Thanks both for the information. I think I would prefer to keep the motor all M27 as its a bit rare (no. 00364) and as I did ride the bike around 30 years ago I am sure the original pipe is around the barn somewhere - the engine was taken out for a rebuild at home - bad starting from hot - so why take the pipe too, especially as the rest of the bike was in one piece? Motors now fully refurbed thanks to Inmotion. Thanks again for the help. If interested I will post a couple of pics once the motor is back in the frame and starting to look useable. Pete
  6. Hello, I liberated a M27 in what I now know is an early M49 frame from 35 years slumber in an open fronted cow shed. The rebuilds coming along now with just one major component missing. The exhaust front pipe. Does the M27 and M49 use the same pipe? Where on earth do I get one? (in motion can't help). Happy days Peter